PAX East 2018


Good to know. I usually circle back within a month or so to watch PAX stuff after the con. Sounds like I’m safe.


That is fine. I bought keepvid so anything that is remotely interested I tend to grab just in case.



I’m glad I was hidden behind the cutout. :stuck_out_tongue:


I played Bus a year ago and loved it. It is definitely (retroactively) worker placement, but with weirdo mutations that no other wp game has used since. You can place as many workers in a single round as you want, but you have a fixed number of workers for the entire game. The game ends when only one player has workers left, or when the ‘stop time’ action has been taken a certain number of times. There are only 8 actions, they are always executed in a fixed order after everyone has passed, each individual action space is LIFO, and they’re mostly things like “place 3 roads on the map” that have intense butterfly effects on your long- and short-term planning.

I’m super tempted to spend more money than I should on an ebay copy.

Edit: How the hell did that monument get on the board in the T&E picture. And some crazy shit would have to happen to remove the starting tile from the lower central space next to it.

Actually, engineering a situation where 1) a starting tile gets removed, and 2) it’s not a terrible play sounds like an interesting challenge.

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Photos from PAX East 2018