PAX East 2018

“Registration Soon”

Right, this was mentioned at West but now announced for real.

PAX East is now 4 Days!

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This means I have to go to Boston on Wednesday…

This means the red line will be awful for longer. Yay. But more local PAX is always good.

This is good because I usually like to park at Alewife Station on the Red Line and ride to the convention center from there. But the train doesn’t go all the way to Alewife on the weekends anymore, and I find myself having to switch from the train to a bus to get back to my car on Sunday. But now if I’m heading back on Monday, there’s no problem.

East grew its extra day on the opposite side: Thursday - Sunday instead of Friday - Monday.

It’s not a holiday weekend like West, so that makes more sense. Gotta go to work on Monday.

Well then that changes nothing.

That was short-term (maybe I should put that in quotes) maintenance on the red line, which is why it happened on the weekend.

Really? It happened at both of the most recent PAX Easts, and while I’m not surprised that short term maintenance ran over a year in Boston, I had just assumed it was a permanent cost-cutting measure.

I need to figure out whether this is worth it for me. I wouldn’t mind going on a U.S. trip, I think.

PAX West worth a trip. PAX East… maybe.

I could make a longer U.S. trip out of it, which could easily be worth it as a holiday. I guess the only issue I have is that I would be alone for most of that trip, which wouldn’t be worth it overall.

Plus maybe I can find a conference in the U.S. that would be worth submitting a paper to for career progression. Doing a panel at PAX might also help in that direction.

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I’m sure you can find a friend who lives near you that would love to go to PAX.

Are you talking the red line as a bus between Alewife and Harvard during the weekend, or the post-midnight service where the red line is entirely buses? The former was maintenance, and PAX was unlucky enough to be on such a weekend. The latter is gone forever.

This was the situation during the day when the Red Line only went as far as Harvard, then made you switch to a bus.

I can offer a clean couch in Boston if someone who is not a slob needs it. I live next to a red line stop, so getting to PAX is relatively easy. All I would ask for repayment is a meal because I love food. :stuck_out_tongue:

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As well as this:

People still respond to Official PAX about badges on their tweets.

I’ll probably just go as an enforcer this year again, as I like the support role a lot.