PAX East 2018


Old Enforcers who wish to return, now is the time. Deadline is Jan 20.

New Enforcers it is also the time

Everyone else, tickets are still available for Thursday and Sunday.


I really want to go to East by way of enforcing, but I just can’t justify it for this year. Maybe if it was later in the year. I’ll commit to going next year though.


Good news: have a hotel with a bed

Bad news: check in is on Thurs, anyone have a spot for me to floor on for Wednesday?


Is panel acceptance being done differently this year?


What panel are you curious about? If you notice everyone else has received their accepted/declined letters just like normal, but you have not heard anything, it means you are on a short wait list. That has always existed, but for some reason they never tell anyone that is their status. You just hear nothing while everyone else gets a letter.


I’ve received acceptances but no declines.


Ah ok that makes sense friend was incorrect, shall wait patiently.


A heads up for those interested


1 panel accepted, my stardew valley panel that I did at zenkaikon. It’s on Sunday in Dragonfly, which means for those who do not want to watch the omegathon on twitch they can watch my panel. HOLY SHIT.


Tabletop System Wars, Sunday 3:30pm in Albatross Theatre. The waitlist came through, for the first time ever!


Prepax gaming is happening again


I’m debating if I’ll arrive early on Wednesday or just roll in in the evening.

Thinking about bailing late Sunday instead of staying that last night. Will decide this week.


Arriving Wednesday 3pm.
Departing Monday afternoon.


Oh crap. Just realized I need to buy bolt bus tix.

Probably leaving late Wednseday arriving 8 or 9pm. Leaving early Monday.


Wait what is this (from the forum post):

That has to be a response to some specific event associated with pre-PAX gaming in the past year. I’m used to seeing milquetoast sentiments like “we’re all gamers here” associated with video game communities or CCGs but I haven’t seen it applied to hobby board games before.


The word on the street is that the GeekNights panel conflicts with Paxamania 2018. I think I’m going to have to turn heel and skip the GN panel for the first time since I discovered them.

(It’s your own fault for posting the panels online afterwards)


Smart moves by you.



PAX East is same weekend as MoCCA this year. A break in my annual tradition.


The Jamspace schedule is up, and bonus they are streaming it live on twitch if you can’t make it.