PAX East 2018


Everyone should be on high alert for tix. Tell your friends. Also, remember that it is now four days Thursday->Sunday. Keep this in mind when arranging travel and hotels. Also, it makes the convention more expensive since they only sell individual badges for each day. You have to buy one more day if you want the whole experience.


Remember that this is the PAX where hotels are more precious than badges. Badges, even if they sell out, have been fairly easy to get at or near face value. But hotels… there are only a very few hotels within walking distance of the con: the rest are awful options.


Not going to buy a badge this East—consistent panel acceptance with options if that falls through.


I don’t know if it’s necessarily HIGH alert time yet. In the past, the badges for East didn’t go on sale until after the Club PA members got their notifications for early badge purchase, and that has not happened yet.

I’m not saying don’t be alert, but I’m not going to panic every time I hear a text notification until I get confirmation about Club PA.


Club PA tickets are now available! I’ve got my East badge and hotel for the weekend!

For the general public, Thursday is the most likely day. Prepare for Thursday the 9th.


Outside of getting the jump on PAX tickets, club PA worth it?


I’m not sure, since my friend is the one who signed up for it. So far, you’ve been able to buy 2 sets of passes with a Club PA membership for $10 for 6 months. We’re both happy to split it and spend the extra $5 each to guarantee tickets ahead of time.

But I think that if you are a fan of the core PA experience, then it’s probably worth it. Early access to comics, videos, and podcasts that they release, plus bonus comics and exclusive merch, and a discount on their online merch store.


Tickets are live


Unless I decide on a whim to fly to texas in January PAX 2018 stands to be my first PAX


Saturday sold out. GG


Pretty sure that would have been faster if the hotels weren’t slowing people down. East has little in the way of afterparty now that basically no attendees are in the connected hotel, so day trippers aren’t actually missing that much unless they’re hardcore paxers.


What happened to cause that?


Exhibitors fill almost all of the available room block at the Westin, staff fills the tiny remaining block, and every other hotel in that part of Boston is an uncomfortable walk along a highway in sub-20 degree frosty weather.


I was advised today that boston has decent public transit and that the exhibition center is along the red line. I’m gonna find out what that means and see if it’s still worth the tickets I bought. If not I can always just sell at face value.


It’s on the Red Line in so much as the closest station is South Station and that is about a 10 minute walk from the convention center.


Technically the convention center is across the street from a Silver Line stop, which you can transfer to from the Red Line. So it is easily acceptable from just about anywhere in the city by subway. You CAN walk there from the Red Line, but it’s also just as easy to transfer to the Silver Line for those last 2 stops.


Makes more sense then to just find a hotel somewhere on the silver line.


In most situations, yeah that would be logical, but the Silver Line is a weird exception to Boston’s transport system. It’s more of a bus than a train, and the relevant portion basically only serves as a shuttle to the airport and to the rest of the Seaport vicinity. So any hotel you’d find along the Silver Line is already Top Priority PAX Lodging and mostly walkable to the convention center anyway. If you are staying far enough from the convention center that you’d need to take public transport, it’s going to be on or through the Red Line.


Fundamentally, Boston doesn’t (yet) have enough hotels near the BCEC to satisfy PAX goers.

Taking the Red to Silver each morning isn’t so bad. The Silver will be crowded, but it’ll get you there.


If your concern is not being able to get to the convention center, then don’t worry. Any hotel you get in the city (or even some outside Boston’s city limits, like in Somerville or Cambridge if you’re desperate), should be close enough to a train station that will get you to the convention in under 20 minutes. Just look for the closest train station to your hotel before you book (usually noted by a “T” in a circle on the map), you’re likely to find one within a few blocks.