PAX Australia 2017

Not a thread for PAX AUS yet, so I made one.

Who’s going?

I am, but it’s not really a surprise for you to hear that since we’ve already arranged to share accommodation.

When is it? Hmm end of month. I have half an inclination to take a bunch of time off work since I accidentally didn’t use almost any of my 15 days off this year and they don’t roll over

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Do it! Join the Pax Aus Crew! You’ll get to hear(and tell) drunken stories, eat good food, discuss advanced topics like AI and Veterinary Science, and getting punched in the face with genuine experts, play board games, see panels, Eat a parmo the size of your face, you’ll have a great time, I promise you.

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That. All of that, and more!

I will be in attendance.

Fuck yeah bud! Welcome to the crew! Now join us in peer pressuring Naoza! I will tell him mighty stories!

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Panel Schedule is ouuuuut.

Is it just me or is there a lot more panels about streaming or being a videogame youtuber?

Charity streaming and streaming legends are returning, but yeah, more streaming panels this year than before.

The schedule is out and the badges are sent. Who’s going down to Melbourne town? What are you keen to play? What panels will be circled in your booklet? And do you want to all meet up for whisky or something because I know a place…

I am a bit sad the Dragon Friends aren’t coming back. I really enjoyed their live games the last two years. I guess I’ll have to go see them next time I’m in Sydney.

Do be prepared for this thread to be merged into the other one.

But yeah, I’m down, Cheese is going, there’s the enforcer crew, and I’m pretty sure Sk0pe is going too.

And hell yeah, we’ll meet up for drinks, it’s how we roll. Is the whiskey joint The Killburne? I’ve been there, it’s crushingly good. Plus, you can’t miss post Pax Parmos and drinks, it’s ace. Perfect cap to a good PAX.

Wish I was going to be there -_-

Hey, there’s always the next one. We’ve always an open seat at Post Pax Parmos. And afterdrinks. And predrinks. And nightly drinks. And breakfast, drinks optional, but I don’t mind a morning mimosa.

Hey, maybe you could Enforce for an Aus, Sat theatres is calling youuuuuuu.

This is for real, y’all!

I fly out this morning since I decided to arrive in Melbourne a day earlier this year; if anyone else is there early I’d be happy to meet up later today.

I’ve also bumped and renamed last year’s Google Hangout; PM me your details if you want to be included.

My current plan is to meet up with as many people as possible on Thusrday; whisky sounds like a great idea!

The whiskey place is actually around the corner from The Forum. Small place. Passion project for one guy. But it’s pretty neat!

I’ll be doing some work stuff earlier on but will likely be free later on Thursday night.

I am heading down to pax tomorrow. First pax and not sure what to expect. Hope to see a few of you there.