I’m playing mostly solo queue competitive lately to see how that goes.

My record is way better, and I do much better per match, compared to QP. My win rate is around 75%, and I’m hovering in rank around 2400 with a slow and steady trend of rising.

I’m pretty sure I’ll hit platinum within a month if I keep playing at this rate. My high is 2452 from last season.

66.7% to be exact.

Yeap. Lost a couple more games. Both had one diamond on the other side. -_-

Bam. Back to 71.4%. I’m SO CLOSE to platinum I can taste it.


ha! what a great potg. I bet the team was salty af

I just got my first PotG hijacking. Dreams DO come true!

Trying out some new streaming configurations.


What’s that keyboard you are using?


Even more testing on the streaming setup.


It’s… interesting to see what my face looks like while I’m playing.

Hmm, the people you’re playing with don’t seem to get some nuances of the game. Like struggling to work out how to counter Reaper? It’s just Dva, blocks all normal shots and his ult.

The Pharah complaints were hilarious. It’s not just one person’s job, just have everyone put down damage. Regardless of this, once you take the point the entire team should move forward to the next choke not sit on the control point waiting to be killed (note that all control points are easy to spam from the outside. However sometimes it’s hard to communicate that to tam members in competitive mode.

This is the world of solo queuing.


Finally reached platinum for season 3 last night. The match that got me there landed me to 2500 exactly.

Welcome to plat, same as every other tier.

It’s still nice to reach some sort of goal or milestone. Also I feel like I’ve probably actually improved too, not just gotten a lucky streak while getting carried by other people.

I’ve been watching my livestreams to figure out where I’m strong and weak, and it’s been a fascinating experience. Maybe a Rym’s Rant on this tonight now that I’m back in New York.

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I’m hoping to play some games on a better computer at some point so I can do the same. But that means buying a new keyboard and monitor (at least), since I can’t stand pkerr’s keyboard for gaming. And suddenly down the rabbit hole of keyboards, keycaps, and actuation force & distance… Topre’s look pretty cool (I hate Cherrys), if only my wallet.

Yeah I went down that rabbit hole a few weeks ago. It’s cool that the communities are fine with the concept that everyone wants a different form factor and different switch (except for plain membrane).

I tried a coworker’s Happy Hacking Keyboard today and I personally didn’t like it for typing, I’m too heavy handed and kept bottoming out the Topre spring, to me it would be a competitor for those who want a lighter brown or are ok with typing on reds.

Although lots of people like them.

I tried and tried and tried and tried to get to gold last season in solo queue, and quite literally could not due to salt/abusiveness in team chat, people refusing to use team chat, hanjos, Call of Duty bros who only cared about K/D ratios and getting gold medals and weirdly a LOT of young kids who were probably playing on parent’s or older sibling’s accounts. I practiced. I tried teaming up with people who seemed decent only to find they play once a week for a few hours or quit playing regularly at all after a week. I finally threw up my hands and gave up and just played quickplay and arcade this season. I have more fun but really feel like I am missing out on the REAL game.