The World could always use more Heroes!

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Winter event has ended and new map Oasis has been released.

Roadhog’s hook is currently being reworked on the PTR. Blizzard has added additional checks that now ensure that the hooking target is within line of sight of Roadhog or else the hook will fall off and do nothing. The results basically mean that at the moment Roadhog is completely useless.

PTR changes explained:


Battle Zen achievement unlocked:

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The Overwatch x One Piece crossover is complete.

For when you want a board to just play Overwatch.

I’m so considering getting a 60% keyboard with the Overwatch font right now.

Also the voice line/emote wheel is coming out soon, which is nice. I’d like to see those spots in the current wheel taken up with some more useful voice commands (Like “Incoming” or “Gogogo” from TF2).

Needs a Play of the Game key.

That’s the key that’s bound to Hanzo ult.

I’m going through Mei mode withdrawls. It was the perfect casual shooting experience.

I find using the microphone is far better and many people are scared of talking on their microphones till you start talking and then you get legitimate important information in the game.

If I could spend $10 and buy a game that would just always have all of the special game modes the cook up, I would. Lucioball and Mei Snoball fight forever.

Lucioball was just less fun Rocket League, I thought.

To be fair, Junkenstein’s Revenge was a great accuracy trainer.

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D.Va will have slightly less, but more consistent, DPS per the PTR updates. This actually fits my style of play pretty well.
Losing armour for health though.

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Yeah I honestly thought it was terrible. But to each their own.

This is kind of why being cyclic is better as different ones are enjoyed by different people.
Having them all on at the same time would cause huge dilution of the player pool and no one likes waiting at the “searching for game” screen.

Left 4 Dead 2 had the same system, called “mutations” something that prolonged that game’s life even further. I must have played about 1000 hours of that game and everyone had a freaking microphone or at least used it because if you didn’t you would be wrecked.

Overwatch really needs more randoms to use microphones. Last night just having one other person using the microphone made us absolutely wreck the enemy team as we could set up ults so easily.

Haven’t played Tracer for a while and I’m bad at her again whereas played Soldier, DVA, Ana just get all the golds (not Ana obviously).

New Roadhog
Same as the old Hog, however can’t do the corner hooks.
Weirdly the combo isn’t killing 200hp heroes, I could be doing it wrong for the new hook, has anything changed with that?

Favourite thing to sleep now - Mcree trying to high noon.

We really need to do a custom 6v6, maybe 3v3 again. Lately I can only play on weekends.

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This nightmare job is almost over, I should be back again starting February.