Yes, that’s the situation I’d nano a Reinhart, but if they arn’t all together he can’t do much. Even with his 1000 effective HP, a good team can still just shred through that quickly.

A friend of mine caught a recording of an amazing Junkrat impersonator playing as, well, Junkrat. I don’t even play Overwatch and I love this.


EDIT: Hahaha the actual person doing the voice just uploaded their own version too.



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I nanoboosted a Symmetra once actually. I saw she flanked the entire team and her gun was close to doing full damage. It worked out really well in that instance.

I also once deliberately nanoboosted a Lucio because he was the ONLY ONE ON THE POINT DURING OVERTIME. The rest of my team was faffing about chasing kills or who knows what. The damage reduction, his heal, and my heals let him survive long enough 3 v 1 so that the rest of the team could farm up their post-game card stats and go back to playing the objective.

Solo queueing random competitive. I went four for five in my first five placement matches.

Was told I am a “shockingly good Mei” by one good team.

The last game (win) was insane. Four players on each team were ultra new scrubs with probably the minimum levels to play competitive. One middling player and one pro for the rest. Pretty sure the soldier on my team was using a controller.

Imagine a match where each team has an indestructible god… and four spinning hanjos. I ultra-won by going symmetra and playing “unbeatable bullshit turrets.” I don’t think they knew what a shield generator was.


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When you’re rolling with your mate and decide to pick heroes that work well together.

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I did all of my ranking matches for season 3. Solo queue.

I won 7 of the games, and 6 of those were blowouts. 2 of the losses were EXTREMELY close, and one was an utter travesty.

Middle of gold.

The crazy things I saw:

  1. The scrubs mentioned above
  2. 5-groups who insist the rando be their solo healer
  3. “I only play D.Va” dude
  4. “I only play D.Va dude version 2”
  5. Upper-tier platinum grouped with two ultra newbs.

I also tried a new strat in tied payload matches. In a normal match, you defend by holding the chokes.

If they have less than a minute on their time at start, Sym + Torb + Rein + Mei + 2 healers. Hold their spawn. Turrets on the main door, icewall on the main door.

In a real match, that’s a losing strategy unless they’re garbage. They’ll push you off. But if they only have 40 seconds TOTAL… The seconds eaten by the Mei wall count for a lot.

Overwatch is dead to me.
They added a capture the flag mode.

Overwatch is alive for me.
They added a capture the flag mode.

Remember the origins of this game. What they said they were emulating. The spirit they were trying to capture. CTF is that.

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I think I’ve had fun once playing CTF in Quake Live, but most times that gamemode across games is shit. It’s one of those things that should be left in video game history museum as a example of Bad Idea.

[quote=“Apsup, post:70, topic:291”]
I think I’ve had fun once playing CTF in Quake Live
[/quote]Quake Live is far new school compared to the game they based this on.

It also had a very high skill barrier to experiencing the game in any real sense…

CTF is best exemplified by the class-based games and mods, not the default base quake stuff. MegaTF, TF, WF, etc… Without classes, it’s just deathmatch with insane skill requirements.

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Played around with CTF a bit. It’s pretty good, virtually unplayable with randos especially right now because it’s the new thing everyone wants to try.
It takes a couple seconds to pick up the flag with standard point capture rules. This prevents it from always being a tank shielding a Tracer, Lucio boosting to get home. There’s potential for a lot of really novel strategies but the games I played people were generally leaning a little heavy on the defense side, so mostly 0/0 draws or single score games.

edit: Can confirm super fun with even a marginally organized team.

CTF was always my favorite gameplay mode back in the TF2 days. (Well, except 2fort. Fuck 2fort). Running laps with the flag as scout, the blind rush, the feeling when you just barely stop a cap…

That 3 minute wait time on day 1 during Prime hours really shows CTF’s popularity.

That’s exactly what I would do except in Team Fortress. I barely played TF2. 2fort in the original was atleast 5 times the size of TF2’s version and was pretty fun to play on.

I look forward to trying out this CTF, maybe use Tracer as a scout.


I was completely wrong, it’s fairly hard to carry an entire team in this mode and you really need to wipe the enemy team to grab the flag and give it to a mobile character (although I capped as Zarya a bunch.

This mode requires more teamwork than normal competitive due to how close the enemy team spawns.

Winston is pretty great in this mode as everyone wants to play Symmetra, Ideally your defence and mid line also move up with you but still staggered to stop being back doored or also to kill enemy flag carriers on their way back.

Best event yet, beat Christmas and Halloween handily for me. The skins are better too.

I don’t know why my game had to be patched for change Mei’s waste line but whatever. I’ve been to Korea, it’s really difficult to find a portly Korean woman. Ideally they would make Tracer 10 sizes larger lol.

[quote=“sK0pe, post:77, topic:291”]
I don’t know why my game had to be patched for change Mei’s waste line but whatever.
[/quote]Because it was a big bug with the model, it broke animations, and in blizzard’s eyes, it was off-model for the character. Also it looked well fucked up.

And Mei is Chinese. It’s Dva that’s Korean.

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Whoops swapped them around for some reason. Ok then I have seen Chinese ladies of all sizes.
I didn’t realise there was clipping issues. I guess I didn’t notice them since I don’t have those skins.

Having played CTF a couple of times:
Mei/Zarya can make a devastating combo and area denial, particularly in the tight confines of the Chinese levels. I hit an ult just outside the enemy flag position as Zarya, sucking 4 into the gravity well, and a Phara ult. Our Phara snagged the flag and capped while Mei and I held off the last two opponents. Their team respawned and came back at us, only to get a Mei Ice wall in the face. The wall dropped, and me, Mei, and a Zen started harassing the team as they tried to get to their flag choke. We pulled back a tidge, Mei hit her ult, more opponents died as Phara snagged a second cap. Our Lucio showed up and between him, another ult from me, and more Mei walls, the other team was locked out of their own flag position for the third cap in under 3 minutes.