With Sk0pe keeping me company(and providing valuable advice), finally slogged through my placement matches, and achieved my goal - Not the lowest person on my friends leaderboard! Sure, it’s a joke compared to everyone else on my leaderboard, but it’s a good result for me.

(If you’re curious - I lost 9/10 placement matches, but a few were real close. Also saw my first blatant cheater in my second ranking match! Exciting!)

I have tendonitis so the less work I have to do to type, the better. I hate the noise of the fully mechanical switch.

Big updates forthcoming!

Custom servers can be public.
CTF is an official mode now.
CTF will have 8 maps and many options.
Custom mode has many many more options.

I am concerned that with the release of custom servers and a public server list that it will end up like back when I played CS and TF2 and even Tribes back in the day where everyone plays either the equivalent of Dust or 2Fort endlessly over and over or they play with weird server tweaks/mods and vanilla Quickplay will die out. Of course there will always be Competitive but for someone who plays more casually it is a concern. Shall have to check out how it works, might be worrying over nothing.

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I got a really lucky shot today

I realized later that I was originally aiming at a corpse.

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[quote=“no_fun_girl, post:104, topic:291, full:true”]
I have tendonitis so the less work I have to do to type, the better. I hate the noise of the fully mechanical switch.
[/quote]Try the cherry black switches, they’ve got just the right amount of pressure for typing, and they don’t have that big clicky noise of mechanical switches, just the quiet tap as the key bottoms out.

I’ll continue this conversation in the keyboard thread.

I bought this game in the hype period since my friends were into it but didn’t play it until this month. It’s pretty good but I can feel the skill discrepancy between me and decent players. Have never had good aim so I’ll stick to playing AOE and supportive characters.

I finally hit platinum after 2 weeks of bouncing between 2420 and 2499 SR. Hitting prefer this player on everyone that has a mic and is friendly has improved the solo queue experience quite a bit for me.

I’m excited about all the new stuff going on. I don’t think it will pull that many players from standard quick play and competitive, and might actually improve things slightly. Like there’s a good chance I don’t want to play with any of the kids in most of the crazy servers anyway.

Randomly got grouped with Rym in competitive. Small world, this Overwatch place.

Also, somehow we got to fight a diamond, a gold, and four people I’m pretty sure couldn’t possibly be silvers. Most of the time matchmaking is pretty fair, but for a split second, I got a taste of that playing-against-CS-derankers salt again. Can’t say I missed it all that much.

The struggles of a support.


2452 is the best I’ve been able to do in the solo queue.

Season 4: we group and do it together.

Wasn’t that Season 2’s goal?

Coordinating a group of nerds is kinda like herding metaphorical cats. Herding actual cats isn’t really that hard.

Yeah you just just kinda shake a bag of food and shut the door behind them

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[quote=“ThatGent, post:115, topic:291, full:true”]
Wasn’t that Season 2’s goal?
[/quote]It’s every season’s goal, until we actually manage it.

Well, I say we, but I won’t be taking part, since there’s easily six people on the forum to put together who won’t drag the team down.

Ditto. I love the game, but I’m not nearly as good at it as others on this forum.

Why is off season so terrible? I’ve played 7 games since the season ended, the only one where players didn’t leave after the first cap I had 4 golds as Lucio but we lost because I couldn’t kill their Pharah and Dva by myself.

I’m assuming it was one of those bad players “balancing” out good player situations. I wish it showed the number of players in your searching for game pool the way Rocket League does. Then I could decide if I should just play something else from the get go.