At fast glance I read the end as “if you’re good enough to at least be playing gods”. Thought that you might be asking a bit too much, for basic proficiency.


The best idea I’ve heard is changing “Total Damage” to “Damage that lead to a frag”. That is, if the damage you do is healed or is blasted into a shield, it doesn’t count.

Personally I love it when people play Widow, because I just go Winston and get an easy kill on them.


Does burning down a shield count toward your damage total?


Yeah, that’s how people get 15,000 damage and higher.

Edit: It seems like it count’s for Mei’s Ice Walls as well.


I disagree completely, all damage to the enemy team that will lead to a frag some people don’t even wear down Reinhardt’s shield which is like the basic thing to do when playing against a Reinhardt composition, you know what Rein and his team is without the shield? Easy clustered frags. Also you want to be doing this before applying ults from your own team.

I lost 2 rounds to a Torbjorn because no one on my team with a mid to long range attack bothered with taking out the turret even though I would block for them. Doing damage to turrets is great. You know what helps destroying a Symmetra based team? Flanking and killing all the turrets so your team can flood in. All of these things lead to frags but frags aren’t the important statistic of the game as it is objective based. Incentivising the activity of chasing frags is contradictory to leading the player to win the game.

Widows usually won’t burn this down which is fair in some cases as they’re thinking they can auto remove somebody from the game if they poke out from behind the shield. However this approach requires your Widow to communicate that and for your team to be able to put out consistent damage from other sources. I don’t even play Widow but I know the mindset from playing snipers in other games and playing against enemy Widows.


Other downside of widow chipping away at the shield is everyone knows where you are.


Then you are playing Widow wrong. You’re a sniper. You shoot, hide, and move. Shoot, hide, and move.


[quote=“VictorFrost, post:47, topic:291, full:true”]
Then you are playing Widow wrong. You’re a sniper. You shoot, hide, and move. Shoot, hide, and move.
[/quote]It’s not just overwatch, but I will never understand why people don’t seem to understand that simple tactic when using any sort of sniper class - especially in games like Overwatch with a Killcam. You just killed someone, NOW THEY KNOW WHERE YOU ARE. Barring the cases of fast sprees, if you’re killing more than two people and you haven’t changed position, you’re doing it wrong. Shift your arse, shoot and scoot.


See also: Bastion.

Once you kill some people (only possible by surprise unless you’re playing with plebs), you have to move your shit. They’ll pre-shield you and destroy you instantly when they return.

See also: Torb

You should be nearly constantly rebuilding your turret. Every lull, move that turret.


Yeah, but you’re not moving that much if you’re firing away at Rein’s shield. Or you’re not doing much damage to it.



The first thing that comes to mind is some kind of system where instead of a raw damage or elimination counter things with real results are worth more. Like damage to a rein shield isn’t worth much unless the shield breaks before recharging or on objective eliminations are worth more if it results in capture progress or is against an on fire player or something.

In practice getting that right seems hard and I don’t think it would be intuitive enough to significantly influence behavior without a whole lot of play testing. The regular awkward POTGs show how hard this kind of thing is.


Better plan: ignore that stuff and play to win. Play with groups. Ignore medals and stats unless you understand their relevance.


These videos are absolutely amazing.


My vow is to stop playing Symmetra for a long while. I’m good at her, but the bar is relatively low.

Back to refining my D.Va, Mei, Pharah, Rein


Every time I’m playing as Sym and an Ana buffs me, I have to ask “why? Was there not a Reinhart? A Bastion? A Roadhog? ANYONE ELSE? Don’t buff a Sym!”


Listen to your elders. Get out there, do your duty.


I do this for lols, it was started by a Korean team who was smashing an American team so instead of boosting the Rein, they boosted a Symmetra on purpose to style on the opposition.


Reinhart isn’t a great choice for nano, now that there isn’t the speed boost. I only really use a nano’d rein as a opener to break there line.


Really? Nano --> Rein charges in, ults and starts destroying everyone --> everyone else pumps damage in --> win the push?

I still try and nano a Soldier or pharah ulting or other forms of consistent damage, Dva work out too for me.