I bet they increase his spread, decrease his ammo, or reduce his damage. That gun is basically better than 76 at being Anti-Aircraft (i.e., Anti-Pharah).


I hate the noises he makes when damaged.


I finally tried out Overwatch (didn’t have the PC for the other free weekends). I generally don’t like PVP but I’m having a lot of fun! Favorite heroes thus far are Brigitte, Zarya, and Reinhardt. But that’s not surprising because I love paladins and support in multiplayer games. Once I have some extra money I’ll think about getting a copy, Whenever I finish paying my medical bills. e__e


Watch for it to be on sale. You can get the GOTY edition cheap since they’ve put out a newer version with more cosmetics.


I’ve not been playing for a while, but I could if given a good excuse.


We should definitely start playing again. I still play regularly, but almost entirely competitive deathmatch (when it was going) and mystery.


I got my first POTG and now I understand everything. Tried out Moira and instantly fell in love with her play style.


While I mostly have been playing mystery, I still main:

  1. D.Va
  2. Reinhardt


My best hero is definitely still Mercy, I go back to healing as her when I don’t feel like I’m doing well as shield tank, but I also feel semi confident playing Moira, and I’m trying to get better at playing Orisa and Reinhardt. I also enjoy playing Brigitte, but I don’t have the opportunity to do so too often, as if I’m playing support, I’m usually the main healer.


I played a lot of Brigitte in Competitive Deathmatch.

She can solo any hero except Roadhog trivially. Mei or Pharah can occasionally get away or get the jump on her.

The only trouble is that this is only really guaranteed in Deathmatch where no one will protect anyone else (for obvious reasons). I made the mistake a few times of playing her as a flanker out of habit, which only seems to work on wood tiers.

But now, I actually play her similarly to how I played old Symmetra. Hanging slightly back of the front line, assisting as-needed, and rushing into the mob whenever we have momentum or get them clustered. I like playing her.



Went 10-0 in placements this time around. I feel like finally having a decent framerate/resolution made a big difference. Pharah changes on the way too…


Uh oh. I haven’t even looked at the upcoming changes.

I never play Symmetra now. I’m 90% D.Va, Rein, Zarya, Moira, Lucio, Pharah in roughly that order.

I’ll play anything with silvers, but if I’m trying hard, I stick to the list.


I should note that I’m a passable silver Genji now, but I can’t for the life of me master that Hamster.


Really? I haven’t played much with him, but he felt quite natural to me - but then again, he fits my playstyle well, much like I played Sombra - break away, sneak through, and then hit and fade.


Learning some patience has really improved my monkey game. I hate dealing with the new Symm turrents though. Between the slowdown and the half-second it now takes to kill one, hopping into them and an enemy or two is a real problem.


You watch fitzyhere? he’s a sombra (and some hamster) streamer with a chill channel.


Never heard of him, but I’ll check him out. Thanks for the reccomendation!


The new Moira skin is so up my alley it hurts. :smiley:


Does the overwatch community have something against tank/healer mains? I’m getting that presumption.