When someone doesn’t want to heal and I offer to switch from shield tank to healer, it’s usually accepted.


Finally reached Rank 25 and can do comp. but I’m scared to enter. :T


I like comp better than quick play because there are fewer trolls and more people who are willing to coordinate on mic. I never really developed FPS instincts, so I need more help than most planning things out. Give it a shot, try your best, talk when people are willing to communicate, and ignore the jerks. That’s the best advice I can offer.


1-3 in my solo queue competitive ranking matches so far.

It’s as bad as I expected. But what I didn’t really expect is how consistent the way in which it’s bad is. One thing happens in every single match. Every single one.

There is a group of two (sometimes three) that joins. It almost always has one reasonably good player and one clearly new player. They never join voice chat, never type in team chat, ignore team comp, and are basically useless.

This happens in literally every single game in solo queue comp. I can call all day in team voice to the rest of the team, but these two will keep getting flanked, ulted, etc…

The duo will reliably trickle together into lost battles without waiting for the team. They’ll be ineffective to the point that I won’t even see either of them for minutes at a time.

And, when the match finally ends, they leave immediately before voting.

I’m committed to the remaining 6 matches solo. This madness is my white whale.


My friend and I ran into a more useless run of teams last night as well. My friend theorizes that the last few nights of the season are the worst time to play.


Both first week (people trying to get a high rank before competition) and last week (Benny Hill week) are the worst weeks of comp.


I just want to play “competitive style” without too much fretting over scores and what-not. I similarly feel like there’s good times and bad times for this. If for some reason I’m off on a weekday, those mornings are just so much more relaxed, in my experience.


I’d love to see them make quickpkay with comp rules mode.


Hey @rym, if you’re ever really bored and want some easy youtube views then do a livestream of you opening every single loot box.


It looks like a Mercy Skin than a new character. ( I mean Echo not Ashe)


I just don’t have an eye for it I guess but I don’t see the same-face thing with the women characters everyone else does.


Mercy has way softer features than Ashe, but I see what you mean.


The World Cup final round has been absolutely nuts. The gold medal game is about to be played between South Korea and China.


Right? I’ve been watching off and on!


Holy shit jjonak, what a zen masterclass.


Those were some pretty great games. I think it underscores how much the NA-EU-AS regions need more cross-play.


I stopped watching the gold match because I felt bad for china. :T


yeah I definitely zoned out for that match. They put up a good fight on map 4, but it was too little too late. Honestly felt like they had given up before the match started… which since they scrimmed against S Korea beforehand, makes a little sense.


I meant Echo. The whole “Woman with Wings” except she looks like she was designed by apple.