To me gold and plat are not high because that’s still in the realm of like… completely transferable skills from a completely different game like League of Legends. You don’t even need to be able to aim well so much as just execute basic strategies and look at improving your own play. For example I started reading this post without context and just assumed it was about Overwatch.

Not saying I absolutely agree with that post, but while we’re still in the ballpark of “you can continue to advance by just having common sense”, not even specific game knowledge or mechanical skill… then we’re still playing casual. There’s no reason to get red faced frothing mad over your insta-lock genji player or whatever.


Gold and somewhat Platnum is the average area of Overwatch matchmaking, that’s where most people are that’s what normal in Overwatch looks like and it’s fine to be there, it’s fine to be lower, it doesn’t actually matter. I really hate that in all games with some kind of ranked system big part of online discussion is this really harmful “if you are not at least high-diamond rank you should not be allowed to have any sense of self worth.” That’s just disgusting and can’t be good for the game, it’s community and the players who are not the top minority of players.

It’s good to try to improve in the game and it’s nice to see that improvement reflected as shiny things in game, but so much of discussion about any ranked system in any game is just filled with trash.


I can’t say if this transfers directly since the Overwatch team hasn’t said anything specific, but at least for Heroes of the Storm, the tiers break down like:

  • Bronze - 7%
  • Silver - 35%
  • Gold - 35%
  • Platinum - 15%
  • Diamond - 7%
  • Master + Grandmaster - 1%

I wouldn’t be surprised if Overwatch uses the same percentages or similar. If so, you can’t realistically argue that Plat is low skill. Gold, however, is pretty average.


I always assumed gold was right in the middle. I mean I’m not that good and I’m on the higher end of gold so it makes sense.


What gets me is even GMs have to deal with non-communicating, toxic, insta-throw (you’re playing a hero I don’t want you to play, I will intentionally sabotage our team) BS. I don’t care about winning or losing, as much as I care about teamwork, being positive, & everyone doing their best and getting better together.

Wouldn’t it be nice if those attitudes were factored into rank!


LEGO Overwatch sets incoming


I bought Overwatch. My Battlenet ID is ChuckSumner#1973 but I might change it later. If any hero has a cane as a weapon I’m fucked. What is it important that I know?


Inb4 D.Va never gets a set because she always gets fuckall for most promotions. Yeah I’m salty.


Don’t brawl with Brigitte.


Uninstalled it. Forgot I don’t like multiplayer games or FPSs.


I’ve been rocking the competitive deathmatch lately. Low gold unfortunately, but I’m winning consistently by playing to the meta now.


I’ve played a few competitive deathmatch games as Winston; he’s not that great at deathmatch and mediocre vs the meta, but doing well with him is a pretty good challenge.


I play the meta hard. Lots of Brigitte or Symmetra if I’m playing against silvers.

The pool of players isn’t big enough for ranking to be effective though. My points have been extremely swingy. I’m currently silver there, dipping in and out of gold.


I’ve made it to Platinum in comp DM, still playing only as Winston. I’m not sure if I can maintain that rank, but I’m doing pretty well most of the time. I do best in games where people mostly have close-to-even skill levels, since it’s hard to rack up kills as quickly as characters with greater range and/or damage.



Can guarantee you this will be a taunt of his.


Symmetra <3


I played a game that went into round 4 and got 13:15 objective time XD


So, Wrecking Ball. Discuss.

I feel like triple dive tank is going to be pretty strong right now. Hammond is also going to be the #1 tank when it comes to chasing and finishing squishies; unlike D.Va and Winston who have to wait for a cooldown to chase further after jetting/leaping in his ball is always available. His damage output is actually pretty ridiculous, too, given the relatively low spread.

Feels to me like he’s going to be meta-defining, y’all.


This is purely an emotional reaction but I hate him for all the jokes saying he’s “better D.Va” simply because D.Va is my favorite hero both to play and as a character. Unemotionally, he’s got interesting powers, and can be pretty formidable but he is hard countered by Mei. We learned this last night when one of my friends who has been playing Wrecking Ball a lot was basically stopped dead by the enemy Mei after tearing it up most of the match and had to switch.