New character in the PTR: Brigitte (Very similar to Reinhardt only support)


I for one am excited for the bucketload of new ships this patch will bring.


Shall we try to get a group game going later today?



Got back into the game for a minute, went 7/2 and a draw in my placements. Bridgette is cool. I suspect that I’d climb back into plat pretty easy if I tried, but I feel like trying would involve not muting people quite so often.


I played a game where I did my Rein (I main Rein/D.Va/Moira/Mei these days), and someone played a solid Bridgette alongside me.

That combination, if done well, is intoxicating to play. I felt invincible.


Bridgette is a lot of fun, easily one of my favorites.

For some reason, Blizzard decided that not playing in the last two seasons means I’ve gone from mid-gold to low-diamond, so I got absolutely crushed in my first placement match. Healing for a well-coordinated team was a lot of fun though.


I haven’t been on much, been mostly watching streamers and OWL. Want to play more but hesitant to dip my toe into the frigid waters of toxicity.


I just solo queue and never look back.

I almost would rather run into the toxics, since I can report/block them. The most common issue I run into is a two-group that won’t join team voice, never chats, and silently plays two DPS ignoring the entire team.

It’s so common I need a word for it.


“Prefer” anyone friendly. I run into the same people a lot now and my games are mostly pretty chill. It doesn’t solve everything and grouping does usually seem to help in my experience.

I’m always up for queuing with people but tend to play at odd times.


Communication is great and all, but don’t stop in the middle of a fight to type out the names of the heroes the rest of us are fighting.


I was so happy to see the “avoid player on my team” functionality but it only lets you block 2 people at a time so it’s literally worthless.

EDIT: And they got rid of “prefer this player”. Fuck this.


Playing Talon Assault Tank in competitive


I think the avoid player feature is useful when you’re trying to climb in competitive and sincerely believe a certain teammate is holding you back. Theoretically if that were true, by the time the week ended, you might be in a different rank and never be matched with them again.


I think it’s also useful in the specific context of “there is a jerk playing RIGHT NOW, and due to the pool of players, they keep ending up on a team with me.”


It’ll probably get more use because of the immediate feedback. As much as I liked it I always kinda assumed very few people used “prefer this player.” I do wonder what player profiles look like under the hood, clearly they track a lot of statistics and have a lot of dials that impact matchmaking.


Not having played, I would definitely make a lot of use of the prefer this player feature. I would in fact prefer any and every player who is obviously better than me. If they are on my team, that’s going to boost me up.


Avoid player just seems to me like a placebo for me. I’m only gold/platinum and there’s so many players at any given hour that I hardly notice specific individuals carrying over. My win rate was 65% when I just turned off all communication, but I’ve been trying to communicate and play fill and it’s down to 52% now. I don’t really mind either way, but I definitely feel like most people at this level don’t use voice chat to win the game, they use it to make themselves feel better about losing. How many comments are constructive and not just empty attacks? How many people run with their friend groups so they can always fall back on their buddy to back them up about something? Occasionally you do run into nice people, but often that’s more circumstance (we’re winning!) than their natural disposition. The intensity and rage some of these people have at such a low level is mind boggling.


Every time I get a bit of confidence to try comp again I hear someone refer to gold and platinum as low level aaaand there goes all my drive to play comp.


Gold has a LOT of people who join in groups of two, refuse to join the team chat, ignore all the text chat, pick two terrible characters, and proceed to bring the whole team down.