Apparently this guy has been making waves before, including throwing games on stream. However, he has also said that he is going to match the fine and donate it himself to a pro-LGBT organization should the fine not be allocated in such a way.


If anyone wants to play and banter over the state of the union, I’ll be in-game as soon as the update finishes.


New patch! Mercy nerfs are live! Thoughts?

Personally, I’m not sure if this is the right way to go about it. I think Resurrect is too powerful to be a cooldown skill, and needs to be earned (especially at pro level play, where picks matter). IMHO it needs to be a part of an ult. This adds skill - better Mercy players get their ult/res faster, but also keeps the ability in check (also keeps me from feeling like a Rez-bot rip). Instead, I’d love to see them give her a couple rezzes when she ults,maybe keeping Valk more or less the way it is.


Having only watched, but not played Overwatch it was immediately obvious that resurrection is an extremely OP ability. The timing and usage of it clearly determined who would win/lose a match. Nerf is obvious, but will it be enough?


Nothing is quite disheartening like barely surviving a scrum and then having some Mercy be hiding some where to pull off a 5-man rez. Suddenly the entire team is at full health, in your face, gunning for you while you have a silver of health remaining.


Mercy can only resurrect one person at a time, with a LONG cooldown. It also isn’t instant: you can kill her while she’s trying to do it. I think it’s enough.

Even the current Mercy pre-Nerf is a nerfed version of the old ability. Her ultimate was to resurrect EVERYONE at once. It was stupid.


I think part of the problem is balancing Mercy between competitive use vs quick play. In quick play if I can’t kill valk Mercy by myself I just have to wait it out and she can go wherever she wants because people don’t focus. Coordinated teams she still has to consider sight lines and stuff.

The way rez has been recently I thought was pretty good. It makes kill positioning matter, which I think is fun. Hog hooks can make someone unsafe to rez, and a well placed kill can be used to bait Mercy into a snipe or whatever.


Quick play will never be balanced. It’s not possible without ruining the competitive scene. They definitely won’t split the mechanics between the two either.



I don’t disagree, but community perception of things being over / under powered is going to be partly an aggregate of games people are actually playing so I would expect them to take qp into account to a small degree. I’ve found her occasionally frustrating to play against recently but didn’t really think she needed a nerf. That said I haven’t been playing a lot of comp recently.

Obviously Blizzard has lots of data and I don’t.


The meta of QP is so ridiculous that I can barely dignify it. Symmetra, Zarya, Junkrat are invincible gods in there…


You mean awesome? I really hate all the Mercy nerfs, they should revert to original. She’s basically useless now because you WILL die if you try to rez.


Not if you’re good or your team is actually supportive.


I realize this is a balance designed for comp. But comp isn’t fun. I played it a lot until I realized that it’s a toxic soup of humanity and that Blizzard pandering to its meta is ruining it for people who play for fun. I don’t want a sport, I want a game.


I think it is. People in QP don’t try: comp is all trying to win. I rarely run into toxicity, people are almost always chill. I play comp for fun. I never play QP.


Toxicity seems to vary depending on skill ranking, time of day, and probably some other factors. I’ve run into toxic people in the silly arcade modes before. I usually just try a different game mode if I get 2 toxic games in a row.


I think this is where the issue arises. There are two different audiences who want completely opposite things. I want an entertaining game for funsies, you want a hard competitive sport. Playing backyard catch versus playing for the Red Sox. Blizzard has their business plan geared toward a sport and all that entails, but in doing so it’s like MLB gets to tell the sandlot kids they have to turn in their baseballs and bats for new regulation ones even though they’re just playing for fun. I think if they keep dicking with it to make it more sport it’s going to really alienate the people who want to just play around.


Competitive is also that. The only difference at all between it and QP is that QP doesn’t track meaningful stats on how well you do. They’re otherwise identical.

If you want unbalanced weird funsies, just play in the Arcade. The Arcade literally exists for everything you’re describing. You can even make custom games banning characters or changing physics/weapon damage/etc…

More to the point: let’s say you get your balance change to make QP more fun. They won’t work. Instead, anyone who’s good who happens be in in QP will be an indestructible god. It’s not like good players don’t have access to QP.



Referencing this video from Dinoflask:


From Twitter: Anyone who wants to know the hubbub with the ‘More Women’ sign, here it is.

The ‘Overwatch’ League launched with no female players, but plenty of excuses https://mashable.com/2018/01/11/overwatch-league-women/#xJ4kFpZnPSOO @mashable

I know the person that held the sign up and it’s now making international news, holy crap.

Edit I fail at tweet embeds.