Oh, I saw it on reddit because it was on top of /r/Overwatch but I assumed it was someone from the dev team. R.I.P.


heroes never die
I watched a good number of his games when he was on envyus



Moira’s abilities look like when you’re watching Saltybet and some Brazilian DBZ characters come out. Really ugly.


The most important time of the year has finally arrived!


It’s cute. I’ve won as both sides.


I am loving the snowball fight game, its a blast.


I love the art for Mei and the yeti-Winston


Right? XD

I don’t skip it every time I play. Sometimes I’m the only one who doesn’t skip it.


Nice touch - while they didn’t do one for roadhog, the Junkrat christmas skin is Beach themed, rather than snow-and-ice sort of business.


I wonder if the Junkrat skin was intended for summer and not rolled out because it was somehow unfinished or something or if the plan was to put it out in the winter all along.


I figure the latter. It’s not like they don’t know these events are coming, I doubt they’re going to miss a deadline on a skin for something like that. They know how long this sort of things take, they know how to plan this shit out. Also, it’s the kind of thing they’d do - they have included Australia in their marketing efforts on more than one occasion. Plus, we have opposite seasons, remember? It’s the Christmas event, and the beach is Christmas for us.


I’m just mad that D.Va got passed over for an event skin AGAIN. I can only figure it’s hard or very time consuming to do new models for the mech but come on guys not even a paint job?


Yeah, I got that and it does seem like a thing they’d do, but I also assume they’re pretty much always working on new skins. I mean it would make sense that they would be sketching out halloween, winter, summer, etc. skins all the time and then decide to seriously work on them whenever. Either way it’s pretty good.

Roadhog seems like he’d be a little harder to summer theme without looking a lot like one of his existing skins, but I’m not an artist and am a fan of the walrus look.


She got Officer D.Va, the 50s hot rodder look, and in the summer she got the Korean national team skin(maybe that’s from last year, I don’t know off hand) but she’s not been hurting for quality skins
(Sorry, I meant to reply to @panfriedmarmot, not Burritoad)


Yeah, he’s already got the islander skin and such, and plus, I think they’re keeping him back a little until they decide if they want to make him Maori, TS Islander, or whatever else they might do. Honestly, I’m not sure if they’ve fully decided if he’s Australian or Kiwi.


And those are all great, but I’m speaking more of the holiday ones. No Halloween, no Christmas / winter, and a lot of characters get multiple skins across multiple events.It goes along with that she has had very little lore and story development since launch. I know it’s a bit childish but she’s my favorite hero both to play and as a character so its rather disappointing.


“No, you didn’t smoke shit. Shut your fucking mouth,” Lengyel said. “Go back there, suck a fat cock. I mean, he would like that.”

(The player he said this to is openly gay).

Overwatch League gave him a 4 game suspension, but his team is suspending him for the full season (thank god). Don’t look at the twitter replies unless you want to get angry.


Professional athletes/gamers need to act like professionals and not 13 year old alt-right members in the making.

I approve of this.


It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that people still don’t know that crouching mutes your footsteps.
Spooked a good number of people in Mei mode.