I knew he would crack eventually.


People need to learn that “yes I’m comfortable solo healing” doesn’t mean “I can do the work of two people”.


Depending on circumstances, I can do a lot of good as Mercy with a Soldier who’s deploying his healing beacon smartly, but two healers isn’t a bad thing.


I mean, I was putting out like 1.5K/min, but everyone expected to get healed all the time which just wasn’t going to happen.


Yeah, you have to triage there. That is a benefit of the Mercy switch, if someone does go down you can rez them.


That’s what I did, but it was a tank that whined at me. Bottom of the priority list.


A glitch I haven’t seen before: while switching sides I got about a second of the other team’s voice chat.


New character and map incoming

And a new short

Edit: Moira’s info page


Sunday afternoon. I keep saying we’ll do it, but I never follow through and end up solo queueing in competitive or DM.

We’re playing. Group game if we get enough: into the queue otherwise. I’ll pick a time and just spam the invite everywhere!


Moira reminds me of Hel from Smite with the whole Light.Dark Duality of her Powers.


From the video and based on the powers/attacks I saw…

Sombra x Reaper + Zarya x Hanzo?


Make a post or something cause I’ll probably be around but might not be in game at the time.


This has been building up for a now but weirdly it hasn’t been discussed here. Overwatch is creating a professional eSports league. The odd thing to me is that the teams follow an american style of naming convention a la “City Nicknames”. Not sure how much of that is actually relevant considering that the teams don’t exactly have “home” games as all matches will be played in Los Angeles. They say that they want to introduce a “home/away” feel at a later date, based on whether this has success.

Anyway, a lot of the teams are actually owned by groups and people that are also involved in more traditional sports. For example the Los Angeles Gladiators are owned by the Kroenke (also own the LA Rams, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche and Arsenal F.C.), the Boston Uprising are owned by Kraft Group who own the New England Patriots, and the Philadelphia Fusion are owned by Comcast Spectacor, the ownership group of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Now it was announced that the teams will receive uniforms in-game. E.g.:


Only tank that’s allowed the whine about a rez is Zarya. That charge is hard to build, and while Zarya can brawl for a long time, once she has no one else to bubble, she’s toast. Which was why I would always immediately avoid mega-rez mercies, because they would hide & wait for me to go down, without saying anything.


I am fine with this because it makes it much easier to tell who is on what team.


I’m gettin’ on in a bit.


I may get back on


I’m kinda excited to watch the Overwatch League going forward, but it kinda rankles that the two teams I actually want to root for are Houston and Dallas.


Darn you kids with your weekend free time and close proximity to a computer that can run OW.


One of the original big-name Overwatch pros died yesterday. I don’t think anyone else on this forum cares, but Dennis “InternetHulk” Hawlenka was one of the earliest OW pro players back in beta and was the main person responsible for building the best non-Korean OW team in the world. He died at 30, apparently due to complications from tonsillitis.

Fucking hell.