I’d really like to group up for some placement matches.


JK I got impatient and bored and did them alone.



I’ve finally started playing this game. I didn’t allow myself to earlier even though many of my friends have been playing it for a while, and now there’s a lot of work to do in getting better at it, but it’s about as good a game as I always thought it was.

I’d love to play with many of y’all here on the forum and I think it’s probably worth trying sometime, but I doubt I could deal with the latency issues.

At least now I’ll be able to keep up with Overwatch-related culture, though!


Ah, it’s not that bad. It can get pretty tricky - don’t make plans on playing widow or hanzo against Americans - but generally it works out pretty alright.



I definitely can’t touch comp until I relearn DVa. I used to left click to cancel dash so now I’m really messed up.


Yeah it’s taken me a bit to get used to the dash cancel but the changes really play into how I played D.Va anyway. I’m loving it.


I just played through my placement matches; 6 wins and 4 losses, which put me solidly in Gold; not bad when I’ve only sunk 30 hours into this game to date. I was mostly playing Mercy, though; a friend of mine tells me that right now her SR gain is probably too high due to Blizzard’s statistics not yet being adjusted to the new changes.

I’m open to playing with y’all on the forum, despite the latency issues. If Churba can do it, why can’t I!?




Minor amusement, I like death match. Only played 2 games of it, but 2nd and 1st. Someone called me a smurf.


New modes are great and it’s time. Group games this weekend?

I am up for friends-only 6v6 or Deathmatch. I am up for some Junkenstein. I am even up for doing placement matches!


I’m totally in. What time and day?


Official GeekNights listeners battle.net group invite link.


I finally got Dragon Symmetra! This is AMAZING.


I also have it.

I’m opening Halloween loot boxes. =P


They’ve broken Rym!


Dragon Symmetra
80s Zarya

That is all.


I should probably log in and try to at least get the junkenstein skin. I miss playing so much, but would have to use pkerr’s computer & probably shouldn’t distract myself.


I logged in for the first time in two months the other night and realized the competitive season ends on Friday, so I guess I’m gonna be playing placement matches this week.