TODAY TODAY TODAY TODAY 20 characters… dot com


I am so in for that.


No games for me until after Anime Los Angeles. Too much to do. :frowning:


I won’t be back to a computer that can properly handle Overwatch until the 21st. The withdrawal is killing me.


This is so wonderful.


Of course, Ana’s the only one awake/alive at the end of it.


Battle Zen again! But we lost :frowning:

Wait, what? “You should focus more on heals”

Oh. Widow. Feel free to join me healing then.


Should have told her in game.
However if this was competitive that is some stupidity right there on the part of the 4 stack.


Sniper mains tend to have no self-awareness unless they’re super amazing awesome.


Hahaha yeah, sniper mains, always super out of touch with the game, am I right guys?

I play widow a lot ;_;


Here’s how to tell if you’re an out of touch sniper main:

Your current team comp is Ana, Hanzo, Torb, Bastion, and Symetra. You’re on attack. How many more snipers does your team need?

If your answer is not “We need a fucking tank and a real healer, also why do we have a Sym on attack”, you’re a Bad Widow Main.


[quote=“Neito, post:31, topic:291”]
Ana, Hanzo, Torb, Bastion, and Symetra. You’re on attack.
[/quote]Very spicy lineup.

Genjo might make a good 6th.


Hey, I’m a pretty damn good attack Sym. That being said, I will switch out if it’s not a good Sym situation.


Wait Ana is a real healer, she does it better than Lucio or Mercy or Zenyatta. AOE heals, debuffs, darts and cross map healing for life.


This. Ana is currently the best healer. I can easily solo heal a team if they’re are not stupid and keep (mostly) together. Though I keep running into Hanzo and Widow at the same time, at which point I just leave. I like to actually try to win.


I don’t mind the Widow or Hanzo as long as they realise when they’re being destroyed and switch to another character rather than suicidally not having any effect on the game.

I would recommend letting people do the weird picks at initial picks, they may only play these particular characters and unless you’re on a pro team in a pro match it won’t matter, forcing them to play something they’re bad at may induce rage or just very bad play.

A match I once played, I was told by the team to go Reinhardt instead of Dva, I did so and it wasn’t working because at the time I hadn’t had much experience. I switched back to Dva and got 4 golds across all 3 rounds.


Play competitive and most of these problems go away if you’re good enough to at least be playing golds.


The road to gold is a distant dream at this point.


I was playing in competitive for the above game with gold and platinum players.


I recently had a couple bad nights in a row and fell about 350 SR. Apparently that was the difference between salty / greifing / no communication players and competent players with mics with occasional friendly banter. Outliers still happen from time to time though.

A common excuse players give for not switching seems to be that they have gold damage or eliminations. I wonder if it would help to weight the stats in some way. Like a junkrat or pharah can have gold damage and be accomplishing virtually nothing and a sniper or flanking DPS can have gold eliminations but not actually be doing much to break up the enemy line.