Finally back in gold! Fuck mid-silver, never again.


Yeah. Let’s group our ranking matches next season. I never want to experience this again for as long as I shall live.


The farmer’s almanac uses this quote to reliably foretell the changing of the seasons.


I’m not for or opposed, but for me it’s either full team vs full team or solo queue. None of this mix and match.


I have the most fun doing competitive with 3-4 person teams. If you 6-stack, you are up against 6-stacks. It’s rare you have 6 friends who are all A game, and your one B friend is the difference between a good game and disaster.

Full disclosure: I’ve been that B friend in some games.


Me: We have three DPS and no hitscan, plus they’ll probably run pharah on this map.

Mei: I’ve got hitscan.


The discourse:

Platinum Tier: "Are you sure you can Widow? If you don’t get a pick in the first minute, please switch out."
Gold Tier: "Can one of our DPS switch to Soldier? We need to take care of that Pharah"
Silver Tier: "We don’t need Torb and Widow on offense…"
Wood Tier: -indecipherable screaming-


Pretty much yeah. My games got way less stressful as I climbed. Never been high enough to tell for sure, but I suspect there’s at least some kind of bell curve. Mid plat people tend to be “happy enough to be plat”. I think as you get higher there’s a lot more rage about not yet being diamond and so on.


I do have to say, in my hey-mei-day, I was headshot-ing pharahs and widows. And then, freezing them over pits and such when the fuel ran low. BAHAHA


I’ve seen plenty of Mei’s outdo soldiers at killing Pharah, but alas this was not one of those Mei’s.


I used to hook Pharahs reasonably well back when Roadhog was a useful hero…


'Member when Pharahs ran out of fuel?


those were the days.


I never see any of you kids on anymore. I’m relegated to solo-queueing every day.

6v6 Lockout Elimination is super crazy fun!


Been traveling for work for the past few months and the weather is nice.


Yeah, with the time difference you are usually playing when I’m having meals or I am out and about. Otherwise I would’ve joined yesterday.


Pkerr was playing games on their PC for a while & I got out of the habit. I want to get back in, but also… probably should focus on other things.


Black One Punch Man is out


Someone needs to make an AMV with the One Punch Man theme


So instead of making an arcade mode where you could actually learn how to play as/against doomfist, Blizzard decided to ruin quickplay for a week.