I don’t care how much it was abused, can we please bring back “avoid player”?


Did they ever explain why CTF was removed? That was like my go-to.


Aaand it’s back. I swear it was still gone when I checked yesterday.


Soldier, in comp: “Hey guys, just want to let you know that I have a high ping, like 300. The only way I can avoid disconnects is tethering through my phone.”


That sounds like a preemptive excuse for when they fail to take down annoying PharaMercy-pair. I should try to use that sometime.


Dumbass DPS: "Mercy wasn’t healing anyone!"
Me: “I have 8.6K healing in under 4 minutes.”

Meanwhile the tanks have the gold and silver elim medals.

A losing streak last night brought me from low gold to mid silver and I fucking can’t stand it here.


This is a prime indicator that the tanks aren’t actually shielding the DPS: When the DPS think they aren’t getting healed, tanks are taking elims, and healers are working OT. Either that or they are walking into bullets, which… they do sometimes.:sweat_smile:


If I’m remembering right, the tanks were holding the choke, and the DPS were dying to whatever trickled through.

Unrelated, people need to stop making shit up and assuming it’s universal, irrefutable knowledge: “Never start through the open part in Liajiang: Gardens, everyone knows that (said in a whiny voice after the team pushed that way)”, “Don’t play Rein, he’s useless now”.


People fucking love heuristics, even bad ones. To be fair, the problem often isn’t with the heuristic itself, but with the fact that you’ve got two or more completely divergent strategies competing with each other at once. You can win tons of games saying “never do X” or “always do Y” if you’re at least on the same page. And that’s my heuristic of the day.



This happened today. I’ve been playing a lot of the 3v3 lockout. I want to play more CTF but most matches I get in as soon as there’s one flag cap at least one person on the losing team starts throwing.


Oh shit, it’s Doomfist!


Fuuuuuck he punches through shields.

Between him and Orisa, Reinhardt is going to have a bad time.


Doomfist’s Ultimate sounds like Thor’s 4th ability in SMITE.


Ooh, he has shoryuken.


[quote=“Starfox, post:537, topic:291, full:true”]
Ooh, he has shoryuken.
[/quote]If you combo it with his standard alt-fire attack, it’s got some CRAZY knockback. At least as strong as solid point-blank primal rage hit, except in the air, so more hang time and a longer arc.


He looks like he would smash Dva and Reinhardt and combo with Zarya who will likely come back into the meta for the combo.
Kind of silly for Blizzard to remove the core identity of Roadhog (punish poor positioning) because some low tier players were crying on their boards, they release Doomfist who can one shot with just holding down and release right click, don’t even need to aim or execute a combo.

He will get destroyed in skill matches with Genji, Tracer, Soldier, Mcree and Pharah. Seems like a really high skillcap champion.
Not sure how it will go between Winston and him though.


Watching some of the play online, Doomfist seems to have hard times against tanks like Dva and Winston. He only has 250 health so he’s not going to outlast a tank. This looks more like a flanking character picking off lower HP targets.

Bastion can gun down a Doomfist pretty easily, if Doom walks in front of Bastion.


I don’t think anyone’s strategy is stand in front of bastion. Maybe deflecting gengi for all of a second.


Bastion used to be used for choke control or area denial. But those days are long gone.

Bastion is highly effective as an ambush.