The Game Browser is full of 6v6 Doomfist


Return to the cursed lands with me. I have played among the laity, and found them wanting.


First day back from Texas, and I’m greeted with these beautiful changes.


Grinding out the placement matches for ranked. I’m not sure if the only remaining players are pro genjis and paint chip consumers or what.

Sometimes the stars align and you get teams that click.

Edit, fixed version that actually works



I played a bit in the PTR last night, team death match is pretty fun. The games are over quickly if you’re getting crushed, but are long enough to pull off an ult or 2 in a good match.

Orisa feels better and Junkrat is much more viable and fun. Roadhog is once again viable on his own / flanking.

I missed Lucioball last time, I like playing Lucio, I like Rocket League, I don’t like Lucioball. On top of that it replaced 2 arcade modes I do like.


Bow to the Boy and you’ll always go far.


Eh, to honor punch kid you gotta punch it in.


I’ve been watching some of the Overwatch World Cup but it seems like this game is going to struggle to gain traction with a crowd that doesn’t play Overwatch or at least play games. The game’s pace is too fast and hectic for someone who doesn’t play the game to appreciate what’s going on or the nuance of an amazing move.

MOBAs and RTS seem to make more sense just because of the camera POV and the build from early laning / base building to team fighting / big battles. It’s also not as straight forward and relatable as Rocket League.

We’ll see how it goes though.


A point in favor of having city-based teams for the Overwatch League is that I already hate the Boston team, because it’s
a) Boston, and
b) Owned by Robert Kraft.

I don’t know if I’ll root for SF though; the team that got SF is one with a history of having lots of fans and disappointing them repeatedly.


I’m backing Seoul, so far in the World Cup only South Korea and Canada have shown the ability to flex characters and team compositions to destroy their competition rather than be filled with one trick carries.


I did the ranking matches for Lucioball and I started ONE GAME short of Diamond. Gonna get a pile of competitive points to not spend!


This has been a big topic of discussion on /r/competitiveoverwatch since the game has come out. In many ways, money can solve a lot of these problems and the Overwatch League has a lot of money but the problem is, I just don’t find Overwatch compelling as a sport even if the spectator mode was drastically improved. There just isn’t enough strategic variety in the game right now to make it interesting to watch.

But as a general e-sports fan, I’m definitely tuning in for the first season regardless just because this is a big turning point for e-sports. OWL is a bellwether on if esports will explode or implode.


Rocket League is great because anyone can understand it and enjoy it.

Even when I understand what’s happening in a MOBA, I literally can’t bring myself to care.

Overwatch is really only good for spectating with excellent camera placement.


I watched an hour of Overwatch world cup and I can sadly confirm that it’s just not a great spectator sport.

But then again I have trouble following action in sports as it is. I can never tell when a punch lands or misses in boxing. I can never track all of the intricacies of a football play as it develops (like seeing linemen setting blocks and such).

Watching Overwatch was mostly… oh someone died. OK now two people on the other team died. OK now they got the capture point. No appreciation of the actual plays. Maybe a recap video with perfect camera work on replay (and great slow-mo instant replays) would go well. But that would be a ton of editing work, and it wouldn’t be live.


Try to get someone who has never played an FPS game or a more generic shooter to sit through a session of Overwatch.

The camera would have to constantly be above and over the top to show where the characters are and why. Then slow-motion everything and explain what’s happening when a Dva eats an ult or Genji reflects something.

Getting someone who has not already been introduced to esports or already plays Overwatch. There will be an absolute requirement for two separate streams which MOBA’s have explored but the stream for people new to the game is never interesting enough to stick around.

The game would be good for spectators with a slightly slower flow.

I will watch the Overwatch League but I’m not sure I could get someone to watch it as easily as other esports. Quake deathmatch is easier to sell to someone outside the esport arena.

I guess it will be an indicator solely due to the location based teams.

I got fully invested in the Australian team during the group brackets and was surprised at how well they fared against their competition. Otherwise Riot has already pushed the bounds for a number of years in terms of Esports, having at one point multiple leagues over many different regions worldwide, coaches, sponsors, studios, interviews, weekly games, personalities etc.

Anyway, we’ll see, I hope to be proven wrong in this case.



Also this:


I am really excited about the possible D.Va changes. I play a fairly aggressive D.Va so shooting while flying and missiles sound pretty sweet.


Haha, the D.Va changes make her more like how I enjoy playing her (as opposed to her best role in most cases).

I always used her to flank/harass/DPS when I could. :wink: