Seriously, a hook that doesn’t kill and a self-heal that’s way less useful because he’s constantly forced to be near his team (thus in the line of fire and near his healers). What’s the point? Plus he doesn’t feel like Roadhog anymore. He’s not even intimidating.

EDIT: Also my team’s Roadhog kept charging me every time he got stuck with a Tracer bomb so I think they made him stupider somehow too.


He hasn’t been intimidating for some time now. I learned how to counter him hard as every one of my main heroes.

Partly because I hated him so much.


Do you exclusively play tanks and flankers or something? A lot of characters just don’t (didn’t) have a way to hard counter him. You could try to juke the hook, but he was really hard to approach without a barrier in front of you.


Grinded back up to plat successfully I guess. I think the Roadhog change has more to do with his ability to kill tanks with a competent team more-so than dps. Have not gotten to play with/against it though.


Goodbye Hog, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Now if we can get a Symmetra nerf that’d be swell.


Symmetra is so easy to counter if you have even a moderately coordinated team.



RH in 2-2-2 tank-slot means you lose the shield battle & your squishies die faster. He was preferred in triple-tank + pre-nerf-ana meta for that reason.

This was exactly the problem. The fact that RH could win a 1v1 against any other hero = unbalanced. Not just that, but out of role. Solo kills are the terrain of DPS. He should be a shitty reaper because he’s not supposed to be Reaper.

[quote=“linkigi, post:503, topic:291”]
The change makes his combo essentially unable to kill targets on its own with any degree of reliability[/quote]
Yes, like the rest of us non-dps.

Getting elims is worthless if your team dies, so you need to be fighting with your main deathball, hooking anyone harassing mid/back-line, or indicating & isolating focus target with hook (ala discord). But because he was essentially 1-man-army, his kit encouraged bad play. I had the same sinking sensation for an RH pick as a widow pick, because it often signaled a desire to solo quest over game sense & team fights.

Do I think he’s a shitty tank? Yes, but he was already. Now death-matchers (aka those who don’t like teamwork) won’t pick him. However, I do expect a few mild buffs to come down once the meta stabilizes.


No coordinated teams here. Stuck in wood solo queue and my friends refuse to play comp.


Overwatch is adding video export for highlights, it is reducing the number of duplicates you find in lootboxes, and it ups the number of credits you get for duplicates. Good things all around. Now give me my Roadhog back, pretty plz.

Also something regarding D.Va is dropping tomorrow, possibly an animated short.



Yesterday was rough at first. My first 5 games or so were full of people already angry and unwilling to try to work together. Later in the evening it got better. Played DVA a bit as I was getting annoyed not with what reaper was doing to me but with what he was doing to my team.


New Reaper is like old Reaper, except for Roadhog. DPS shouldn’t be engaging him in close quarters and should wreck him with headshots, his head is pretty easy to target in most skins. Also he’s slow as hell so good movement by Tracer and Genji should wreck him. However when playing with randoms, just at him down with Dva.

I love the new map.


I don’t know what’s weirder to see in silvers (not on a team): a plat medal or a plat and gold border.


Diamonds with a 40% win rate that only play Hanzo.


I just don’t get how you can play a game for over 1900 hours and still not be very good at it.


[quote=“Ikatono, post:519, topic:291, full:true”]
I just don’t get how you can play a game for over 1900 hours and still not be very good at it.
[/quote]That is the experience most people have with most things.


I’ve got about 1000 hours into counterstrike between source and global offensive and I’m still garbage at it.


And that’s what makes fighting games so infuriating. In team game you can get lucky wins through your team and you have someone else to blame when you lose. In 1v1 game you see much more directly how much you suck even after all the time you spend if you fail to get better.


This is why I love broodwar. I played that at 9 years old and was a D on ICCup. I worked and worked and five or six years later B+. Then starcraft 2 comes out. I am a god among men. I decide who lives and dies. I am the machine.

Ya know, until I got to masters, Then all of a sudden it’s a game again. I managed grandmasters in season one but my interest has waned over the years. Much like my keyboards with their wear on the 4 and s and d keys