I sat out season 3 and dropped a whole level, so I think the artificial drops stack.

The whole things makes no sense to me though. You really have to grind to make back levels, so why devalue that grinding? I do not feel better, I feel like my time has been wasted. They say you can return to your previous level with 50 games. That’s a lot of games…


I’ve been watching a bit of top-level competitive Overwatch recently, just to see how they play and what they do. Learning a bit by osmosis. Anyhoo, a team I’ve been paying attention to is Selfless due to their playstyle. However as it turned out now their primary DPS player Dafran revealed himself to be a 23-year idiot. He streamed himself for hours throwing competitive games in solo-queue on an alt account as well as playing hentai games which almost certainly break Twitch TOS. Blizzard has suspended him for the remainder of Season 5. His team has also suspended him which is kind of awkward when you live in a house together with other members of that pro-gamer team rented by that pro-gamer team.

So why do I bring this up here? Mostly because I respect Blizzard for taking action in such cases, particularly since it is against one of the best players in the world at their game.

Edit: Here’s a list of his apparent misdeeds.


I don’t think its that extreme. I came back for two games last night after feeling salty about the drop before I learned the reason for it, and regained to within 50 points of my level last season after winning both with good performance.

@chaosof99 I hear a lot about people throwing games what is the point of that? Especially at the pro level?


“Trolling”, or at least the very corrupted dumb idea of what trolling is today. Also there are a ton of people who start dliberately throwing because other people on the team aren’t doing what they say, e.g. someone picks Hanzo and refuses to switch.


So douchebaggery and children throwing tantrums. I heard about players and apparently now pros doing it I had to wonder if there was some method behind the madness.


I’ve had more than a few games where someone threatens the group with “do x or I’ll feed”. I just mute them and move on with my life. Report them if they do intentionally feed. You’re not really holding my game hostage, I play to win sure, but I also play just to have fun.

I was sitting on a 73% win rate over 9 hours as Pharah at some point and someone was REALLY angry that I was going to play her, and he was in a 4 man group. I just kept playing, won, moved on with my life.

Oh another favorite was when we lost 1 round first and some guy got loud and obnoxious immediately. Muted. Won the next round, unmuted everyone and when I got back that guy was so incredibly angry at me as he had figured out I had silenced him but not that I had… I guess… unsilenced him. Enjoyed that.


In 3v3, a guy on my team was being a dick, and then he used a homophobic slur. So, I was idle in spawn while I reported him. Just as I finish reporting, I notice he’s dead and yelling in that “WTF ARE YOU DOING AFK?”.

Then I see that my team-mate is also in spawn. He says in the public chat “No, I’m not AFK: I was reporting you.” He starts to flip out, so I say the same thing.

The other team comes into our spawn, and we all sit down on the couch, run out the clock (“none of us will play with you”), and then we let them kill us. He quit the game.


People with slow/shaky internet need to stop playing competitive. I lost three games this morning from people disconnecting and rejoining multiple times in a single game. One game had two people disconnect at the same time.


Can you really blame people for getting Comcasted? It’s something out of their control.


I get that, but it also sucks for other people when they get screwed by it. If you know you might just drop from a game randomly and five other people are going to lose something by it it is shitty of you to knowingly do it anyway.


[quote=“ThatGent, post:492, topic:291, full:true”]
Can you really blame people for getting Comcasted? It’s something out of their control.
[/quote]Yes. You can’t show up to a competitive sport without the proper equipment. It sucks, but if you don’t have reliable Internet, you have no business playing competitive esports.


So everyone in the midwest with cable internet should be barred from online competitive sports.


I just had an epiphany: When Reaper jumps off a ledge into the midst of an enemy and activates Death Blossom mid-jump “death comes swirling down”.



complete sentences…



Remember when Roadhog didn’t suck?


He will be missed.


What did they do to him?


made him balanced.

(aka He’s CC, not a flanker or tank buster. Now he has to stay with team to be effective, instead of running off on a solo quest gold elims hurr durr. Seriously, the team suffers when a tank plays DPS and forgets to TANK.)


Roadhog was already balanced, at least if you judge by the fact that he wasn’t significantly overused or underused in competitive play before.

His utility comes from his hook combo, which would let him basically instakill non-tanks he caught with a hook. With the rest of his kit, he made a fairly good roaming hero, able to travel out on his own safely and sneak a pick or two before a teamfight, since he could win a 1v1 against pretty much any other hero.

The change makes his combo essentially unable to kill targets on its own with any degree of reliability, so your only safety in using it comes from pulling targets into the rest of your team and having them focus. If the dropped the cooldown on hook, it might make him plausibly a CC, but outside of the hook his only good point is as a shield buster.

In a very real sense the nerf turns Hog from a scary roamer who can control flanking spaces just by being present into a bulkier, shittier Reaper.