Indeed, same reason why there were always a billion Spies. Strangely though there are rarely many Sombras around though I guess this is mostly because Sombra kind of sucks and you get murdered easily if you play Sombra badly but as a Widow or Hanzo you don’t quite get into the thick of things. I guess the same is true for Spy but he was helped out by the Dead Ringer with that.


Sombra also doesn’t have the LOL BACKSTAB LOLOLOLOL troll factor Spy had, which I think was the main draw for Spy players.


In the TF days (not TF2 you damn kids), snipers were common because in the meta of high level play, they were unstoppable golden gods. A good sniper could literally make midfield a no-go zone and kill an unlimited number of people if they showed their heads.

Scrubs would see that the snipers were so powerful, and not really understand that this was a result of extreme skill.

Scrubs would also see the snipers being treated like golden gods by the other good non-sniper players. They were treated a lot like goalies are in hockey today. They could win games. They wanted to be treated that way.

Thus: a million shit-tier hanjos running around with a 50% hit rate on uncharged body shots.

War never changes.


When I use to actually be good at CS:S I played primarily sniper. My friend talked me into playing TF2 one day, I was an unstoppable god. Slower, bigger heads to click on.


Anniversary Event is live. It also includes some balance changes and a bunch of new skins, among them a Lucio skin that changes the music he plays.



Call me when it’s All Star and Smooth Criminal.


[quote=“Rym, post:390, topic:291”]
Call me when it’s All Star

Also, May’s new dance emote is the Hare Hare Yukai, or at least part of it. No shit, look.


It is straight up the first few moves of Hare Hare Yukai. Are any of the other dances from nerd stuff? Also reminds me of back in the day one if the WoW race’s dance emote was the Napoleon Dynamite dance.


I thought you’d request some Eurobeat for “Speed”



War never changes.

Reminded me of VG Cats riffing on Unreal Tournament 2004


I agree, when there’s a widow on your team, they have to get more kills than the average teammate to compensate for the sheer lack of another available target to spread out damage. 3 snipers means the objective fight is going to be HARD unless they are excellent. Additionally, it’s harder for them to recognize they might not be pulling their weight since they are likely to stay alive longer and get a few headshots in the meantime. Any time someone picks widow, I choose a brawler – someone who can handle a close outnumbered fight (Zarya, Lucio, Reaper, wish I could RH) or a Zen to improve team focus and make body shots pay off more. I’m seeing a lot more junkrat lately, but I don’t play regularly since he’s so well countered by pharrah and zarya.

But I did play him this game:


Overwatch now:


As long as I have a coordinated team with decent support, I’ve had a lot of success with Rein lately with backward charges.

If we have another soaker/brawler like Zarya at the choke, and we have a pick or are close to a breakthrough, I’ve been able to get around behind the enemy (short flank route: never long) and charge back into my team.

It’s won a few games outright. Best if the off-healer is Zenyatta and I have an orb, but even in competitive the other team often doesn’t see me. They assume (I assume) I’m charging my shield while Zarya covers.

The best part is that I charge past my other tank and into safety, usually pulling their Mercy with me.

It’s a high-risk move, but I starting winning more games when I started doing it if the opportunity presented.


One thing I’ve definitely realized is how disrupted I feel when the enemy doesn’t have a direction. I’m not talking flanking on a street level, I mean, they are literally on every side. Unless you have a team that can deathball, focus, and protect heals, or a barrier to back up against, those maneuvers can seriously mess a team up. It takes a lot of coordination and skill to pull off though, and if enemy team can focus fire, feels bad man.

Played some more Mei.


Anybody down for 6v6 tonight, or this weekend?


Sure! I’m free all weekend.


I’ve been hogging it up again a lot, trying to get my hook accuracy back up. There are still some annoying moments where I have no clue how the guy I hooked survived but it’s been fine. Just had a QP match on Oasis where I stomped the enemy team pretty hard with 23 eliminations and only 1 death including some pretty nasty Whole Hogs just wrecking people in small spaces.


To anyone interested, how does starting at around 9 Eastern sound?