That’s viable for me.


Sure! How can I join? I don’t know anyone’s blizzard IDs or anything.


Add me and I’ll add you when we get going. SuperPichu#11689


Okay, friend request sent! Looking forward to it.


I might be a little late. I am currently stuck in an elevator.


Thanks guys for putting up with my skills, or more accurately lack thereof. Was fun!




Took like an 8 month break. Took me some time to level back up my aim but feeling pretty hot again. Still a pretty fun game.


So I’ve played a bunch of solo queue over the last few days and managed to finish out the season at 2739. I’m pretty happy with that.


Too cute


I really love the Genji as a cat thing that has sprung up lately.



Had a fun time in QP today, for a change. At the end of a match a guy randomly asked to stay in group. He played a healer and I thought “why not”. Played another match and unfortunately lost because I was playing Winston and had gold elims. You can guess how good our DPS was. Whatever. We then played a round on Gibraltar. The other guy picked Roadhog and I wanted to play the Zarya combo with him. We completely roflstomped the other team. After the match another group of two hit the “stay as team” button. One of them was the solo healer Lucio so we said okay. We then had another match on Nepal where we mostly wrecked face, me and the original guy playing tank combo though I later switched off Zarya because the enemy team had a Sombra and she made my life hell. Winston on the other hand wrecked face in Sanctum and then in Village I switched to the good old hog and hit my shots and hooks. I then asked them to be friends on Battle.net. It’s nice to make new friends. :smiley:


Winstons should often have gold elims thanks to the Tesla cannon. Not many killing blows, but many assists.


That’s assuming that the targets Winston zaps dies. I’m no good with Winston, so I spray lightning around a lot, but no one ends up dying. Except me.


Elims are based on contribution.

Also, generally, I dislike RH-Zarya as the tanks. They can’t provide nearly enough shielding for the team.


If I’m playing D.Va as off-tank and we have a Rein or Orisa as main tank, I’ll usually have gold elims from my DPS spray.


New Map incoming


PTR has some fun new custom game things:

  • Player gravity and projectile gravity can now be modified
  • Knockback magnitude can now be modified on any weapons or abilities that have a knockback effect
  • Jump height can now be modified


Fun facts - Dr Winston, who you hear in the start of the video in an audio flashback from Gorilla winston, is played by Greg Chun, who also plays Matsuo in the English dub of Mob Psycho 100.