Another toxic game. Was in QP and team refused to heal, so I went Mercy. I’m not a great mercy, but I do my best. Get some good heals and rezzes in, but opposing team starts to flank & focus me with no help from my team (of course). Four of my team goes down & I try to get close enough for rez, but am frozen and killed. Can’t get back to point because Mei ults, and no one will make LOS for Guardian Angel, so I die again. Meanwhile, teammates insulting me in match chat. Am reminded why I only play mystery now unless grouped up w friends.

Played a couple more games of QP but quit, after the fourth game in a row with all dps. Why do people hate winning so much?


Well, when one is bad enough to be stuck in wood tier, they can’t trust anyone to aim but themselves. Since they are the hero that will carry the team to victory, everyone must instinctively cater their respective strategies around said wood-tier-hero. Forget that zenyatta is quality dps. Forget that playing to another’s strength can out-do any one person. Forget counter picking. If the team loses, it’s your fault for not pulling his weight.


People in wood tier seem more interested in trying to boost their K/D and be the carry rather than learning how to win the game. If you need to carry, take Roadhog. He can 1v1 most other heroes and his bulk + self-heal keeps him from dying immediately even when teammates are garbage.


Also you shouldn’t worry about what tier you’re playing in, just try and manage the team or select the heroes that will benefit you most in the situation provided.

When you’re playing against really bad players you can quite easily wreck their team as any tank as well. Played a game as Zarya on Hanamura, they kept shooting bubbled people or when I went out to grab some charge, got full charge and killed their supports and dps, then killed their dps again when they respawned, I don’t think they understand how even if I’m on 2 bars health and I bubble, you’re only going to get more damage back, killed a Mcree and Soldier in seconds because maximum charge and graved the rest of the team which at least triggered my Hanzo player to dragon.

Also since you’re a tank you can encourage people to move forward or out of a pit that is usually most points that need capping. Once you’re out you can defend at a choke which is far better.

Have also done something similar with Reinhardt where I got most eliminations and most damage done and obviously quite easily with Roadhog and Dva.

Basically you play up to par and you get placed appropriately.

It’s quick play most people don’t care what’s happening, just that they’re playing a game. They don’t even care whether they win or lose just so long as they get to play the character they want and gain XP for it.

Mercy would also be the least fun to play in quicklplay as you’re not really going to be handle most divers whereas Lucio can beat most non-tank characters in the game and Ana is a skill matchup with anyone she takes on.

If you want winning and losing to matter just play competitive.


People love to criticize Mercy because they literally only pay attention to you when you they want you to be healing them and you’re not. I told someone that the staff only heals one person at a time and they said they’d play Mercy next round. Never mind that their Mercy winrate was 35% while mine was 70%, and we were the same rank.


Working on the HotS bonuses. I like how they tried to make the menus as incomprehensible as MOBAs themselves.


I only play competitive or arcade now: even when I’m solo. QP is death of the soul.

I blame the loot boxes.


Competitive and Arcade gives one more loot boxes though. So in theory only freaks who don’t want boxes play Quick Play.


[quote=“Rym, post:370, topic:291, full:true”]
I only play competitive or arcade now: even when I’m solo. QP is death of the soul.

I blame the loot boxes.
[/quote]Pretty much same here, it’s always arcade unless I’m playing with friends. And I’m doing well with the whole quitting while I’m on a high spot thing, it makes me feel better about the game than quitting when I’m frustrated.

I don’t play comp much if at all anymore. It just makes me frustrated and depressed, it actually quantifies how fucking useless I am and how much I’m letting my team down, which in turn makes me feel useless and shitty. It doesn’t help that with my level of skill, even silver is a pipe dream, and if you think people in silver get fucking mad, oh brother.


I’m with you. I’m really considering quitting Overwatch, and competitive FPSs generally. I wasn’t allowed to play FPSs as a kid and even trying to catch up through my teens and twenties did little to build up foundational skills that were never there. Now I’m over 30 and just too slow and too old to learn. I’m stuck in wood tier even though I do my best to communicate and work with people and fill in needed roles, and QP just feels pointless because no one cares about winning. They just want to play and shoot dudes.


They cared enough to be highly derogatory towards me in match chat. But didn’t care enough to be good teammates. So why should I even bother trying to salvage a decent comp for their ungrateful asses?

I’m not good enough at Ana to solo heal with her. In terms of flankers, it was my team dropping the ball, because on Volskaya B, they were at the choke, while Mei, Mcree, and Reaper were running around unchecked in backlines. No single healer can do their job & defend self while being focused unprotected by those three.

I disagree. During my placements, I carried 7 games, but kept being grouped with people lvl <50 (not the smurf kind, just the “what is the objective” kind), against usually smurfs, or at least 1 stars who had some idea of the game. Talk about being set up to fail. Was placed in silver. In QP, I regularly hold my own against diamond-masters with my stack. I’m sure I could grind to plat (gold now), but I have little faith in the ranking system or humanity.

I’m of the opinion that if you’re Rein & you have most elims/damage, you are (with exceptions) not doing your job (big blue rectangle) & are actively impeding your team from doing theirs. Dva is a mixed case, depending on the lineup. Shielding / protecting is a tank’s primary function. I have lost so many games due to an impatient Rein who charges in or swings away, hangs us all to dry, and typically complains rest of team bc golds. If you want to go deep, abandon the team, and constantly beg healing, play genji.

Anyway. Some POTG from tonight:


If you want, I could queue with you and maybe some others to bring you up to non-Silver games for comp.


I’d be in for that if you’d have me, I never did placement this season because it started during finals and then I left the country.


Let’s try to make our 6v6 walled garden a regular, semi-scheduled thing. That is loads of fun.

I think I’ll just only ever play competitive or that going forward.


Also, we need a videographer, because some hilarious stuff went down last time.


I’ll record the whole thing next time. Just gotta set it up to get the audio and voice and everything across all the different biz on separate channels.


Shitty snipers were out in full force tonight. Highlight was when my team’s Hanzo said “How the fuck do people aim?”


For the last week or so I popped in here and there just trying to play a couple of rounds of Quick Play. Every single game the first two spots that get picked are a Hanzo and a Widowmaker…


I remember back in TF2 there was the problem of a billion snipers and how they were always terrible and I always wondered why it was so. Recently I thought about it and I think I figured it out. The “cool factor” of a sniper making long shot one hit kills, plus the appearance of safety at long range and cover makes a tempting choice for an unskilled player.