I’m surprised they haven’t thrown stuff like that into the arcade mode yet. Maybe make it an option for the custom servers?


The female gamer thing is not as much of an issue for me that I’ve seen, although I have seen it occur in many other games. Also playing with randoms pays off sometimes.

An example was last night when I logged on and realised no one was really playing and had jumped through 2 or 3 skirmishes, so I posted in the general chat some off hand comment about no one playing.

Within seconds I got an invite to a 5 stack composed of 2 Koreans, 2 Singaporeans and 1 Japanese player (and suddenly me as a representative for Australia lol). However the group I joined was 60% female and the gender had no issue. We didn’t lose a game and played till 2am. Sure the skill varied, their pings were obviously amazingly low (single digits) while I was on 200 - 250 so I couldn’t really play any DPS and just went tank for most of the time and was usually getting gold eliminations with Reinhardt / Winston / Zarya picks. (Picks were game knowldege and decision making is more important than anything else).

The stats weren’t interesting to me it was more that in Asian countries, gender doesn’t really play into tropes of whether you should or should not be expected to pay games.


I don’t know you or how you identify, but going off of your profile picture, I doubt you are as likely to hear or be a target of this type of commentary. If you are playing a game with a majority male (voiced) population, chances are your team doesn’t include a woman, so the commentary would naturally be less frequent. Meanwhile, every game I play includes me. So maybe you are not qualified to make those assessments?

That said, playing at net-cafes in Japan felt similar gender-ratio-wise to MAGFEST’s LAN room, but people culturally weren’t as likely to make a fuss. It had less to do with stereotypes, and more to do with minding one’s own fucking business.


I decided to look up some professional matches so I can see some map strategies. The spectator aspect still is not there yet it seems I hope it improves before the league starts. Even with knowing what I do the match is hard to follow. But overtime does make late pushes interesting.


100% of the time if someone requests healing over voicechat instead of the callout they’ve been shitty (not bad, but obnoxious). Seriously, if you choose not to press the button that tells me where you are and what character you’re playing then don’t get mad when I can’t see you.



I stopped playing right around Halloween and now there have been sooooo many patches to this game that I am afraid I won’t even recognize it.


Ugh, I had to uninstall last night in order to graduate. I’m already hitting withdrawal.


As an avid fan and D.Va main this warms my heart. :grin:


Interesting article on how patch changes is effecting professional play. I wonder if league will change this. I wouldn’t be surprised if a League patch server will exist like the PTR.


Overwatch getting too stale? Why not spice things up by speed running the Gallery?


One of these days, I should do something stupid like playing with my Wacom instead of a mouse.


Relevant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl35QCbMi-c


I have a wacom. 1v1?


Also relevant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HdWWhZ0hDM


Oh, Orisa’s shield is basically set & forget. Time for some turret shenanigans.


I’m surprised I haven’t seen any Orisa shield + Bastion combos yet:


I’m really liking Orisa’s little gravity ball thing. I played a game with a Junkrat who would pretty much just shoot at it whenever I fired it through a choke point and was a great way to kill non tanks. Once people get used to thinking of it as a target to focus on I think she’ll feel a lot more useful.


That’s because it gets smashed, if a Genji or Tracer flanks, you lose a tank and DPS easily listing the fight and point. Also the barrier takes seconds to take down.

Both are quite slow to get back from spawn and 2/3 of your team is pretty static.


Incidentally, Orisha can get taken out very swiftly without support. A Zen or Lucio is needed to back her up. I flanked with a Tracer a few times and laid waste to an enemy Orisha.