I am maining Rein again, and I find that I can reliably take Orisa out on most maps.


She’s a lot like D.Va that way. If I have a decent Lucio or Mercy I will be a terror but with bad healers or Ana or Zen it can be a slog especially with an enemy Zarya. I’ll change up if thats the case.


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I am maining Rein again, and I find that I can reliably take Orisa out on most maps.
[/quote]One of my favorite things is the flailing confusion when you fortify on a charging rein, and they just bounce off your face. People know it cuts damage, but for some reason, most of 'em forget that it also fucks with powers. Mei Ult? Just fortify and walk out. Steel trap? Fortify and walk off. Sentry turrets? Fortify, kill and retreat. Winston’s monkey madness? Fortify and laugh it off.


Some keycard for your favourite characters.

Ignore the trash keycard surrounding it. I won’t personally get them because of the plastic used is different to my choice of keycaps.


The misery of competitive matchmaking. All my ranking games were with teams where everyone was below level 50. I am 561. Despite carrying over half of them, I was given high silver, and ground my way to gold. Meanwhile, every other game has someone who is throwing, or yelling at everyone in chat. I’m talking, only picking torb regardless of context, staying on widow despite not getting any picks, going afk, yelling STFU at everyone when they try to communicate, mercy refusing to rez. And that doesn’t include the junkrat mains refusing to switch despite being against a zarya and a pharrah…



I have not looked up Team composition/strategies yet but I will remember this one for when I start being competitive.


Junkrat is really bad against Pharah, Genji, and Zarya – the first two because they’re mobile and aerial, which makes them impossible to hit, and Zarya because his bombs are free full charge.


What happened to solo q? Every game so far scored me a silver medal with one kill 5 minutes into any match, then gold with 5+ at the end.
A Mercy should NOT have gold elims in any situation!


Here’s Blizzard’s list of tips videos regarding Orisa.


Why do people throw games? What is the point of it?


They just really like Hanzo.


Just played a comp match on Nepal with a Bastion and Symmetra main. I am disappointed.


God damn, yeah, solo queue got waaaay shitty below upper gold this time around. Way worse than I remembered. =(

This week let’s small-group queue. We can BE the good group for the one nice rando.


Makes me wonder if the Devs won’t revisit Hanzo at some point because his name has become synonymous with “Failure” and “Desire to lose”.


In mid-to-upper gold.

Hanzo is insta-lose.
Sombra with less than three stars is insta-lose.
Bastion is insta-lose.
Widow with less than four stars is insta-lose.
Orisa is insta-lose (no one has practiced enough or has good strats at that tier)


Those are very broad strokes but I’ve carried teams with those characters on my team.

Defeatist attitude is insta-lose.


Orisa is surprisingly fun with two healers. Especially against a team with a Rein that refused to switch. Twice I’ve now saved pinned teammates from death by blocking his charge. Plus I have a soft spot for anyone that hard counters a Pharah.


No hero is insta-lose at any level and that that kind of thinking is just affecting your own performance when you see those heroes at your team.

Fuck Hanzos though.


Replace “instalose” with “5V6”


I put in my 100%. But I have not once this season won a game that had any of those heroes on the team. In almost every case, that hero was specifically both doing very poorly and extremely belligerent when asked to try something different.

The exception was Orisa. They tried hard AND were nice in chat, but were just very ineffective.