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I do not know enough about the different types of anesthesia to know the answer to that question.

I can tell you I was about 19, I do not remember anything about the procedure at all and believe I was unconscious, I was questioned by the anesthesiologist about any drugs I was taking, and specifically about cocaine as apparently whatever anesthetic I was given is really bad when there’s cocaine present in your system.

I hope that helps narrow it down. Unfortunately my memory of the whole episode is pretty shaky. Turns out extreme dehydration really messes with memory.


I have had both types. The first few times I did it with the one doctor, he liked to use the one that would knock me out completely. It was just like the experiences noted above, I would start the countdown while lying in the procedure room, then the next thing I know, I’m waking up in the recovery room. This kind of anesthesia gave me the best nap ever, and I felt more refreshed when I woke up than I had in months.

When I changed over to my new doctor, their office used the different kind, I believe it was basically the same active ingredient as is in Benadryl. I did fall right to sleep, but I remember waking up at points here and there for a minute during the procedure. And when it was all over, I was so incredibly groggy that I slept for another hour in the recovery room before getting up and going home, where I slept in the car for another hour or more. This anesthesia was the same kind of experience I had when I got my wisdom teeth out.


In the US it is usually local anesthetic. I know someone who had it done and then worked a 12 hour shift the same day. That seemed a bit insane to me, but apparently it is a really minor procedure.


I started running somewhat seriously a couple weeks ago. I’m doing way better than I ever did in the past for some reason, which is pretty cool. Having a treadmill in my basement definitely helps.


Question for anyone who indoor rock climbs or boulders. I just started on Tuesday, had a great time with the bouldering and casually tore up my hands. By the end of two and a half hours I couldn’t do a V0 I simply couldn’t grip anything tight enough because of a combination of fatigue and cuts on my uncalloused hands.

I wanna go again today. I’m still pretty sore and still pretty cut up, plus I just got a flu shot this morning.

Bad idea, or suck it up?


I say go for it. Some nights at the rock gym will be more low key and relaxed while others will be more intense and you’ll push yourself. But that initial surge of enthusiasm is a finite effect and it can be valuable to ride it while it’s there. But also, remember to listen to your body and don’t wreck yourself! It’s okay to spend a night on nothing but V0’s.


Heh, that was the plan and then snow happened. That meant two things. One I wasn’t brave enough to get in a car and endure awful people who don’t know how to drive in the snow to get to the gym.

But more importantly, that I’ve just spent the last half hour prancing in the snow and making snow angels.

There’s a french song called “Comme un enfant” it means like a child. I had it on repeat. (not the original but one of the remixes) Thoughts of climbing when out of my head when faced with the prospect of doing somersaults through the snow.


So I started climbing 3ish years ago for 6 months, took 6 months and then have been climbing continuously since, each time I started again I definitely needed a day or two in between sessions. The muscles in the forearm really don’t get any sort of the same workout you get as when you’re climbing.


Decided to go under the laser and get corrective eye surgery. It was suggested to get PRK, and start with only my left eye as my right is not very bad.

So yesterday (Thursday) I showed up at my allotted time, and briefly squared away all my paperwork and payments. Then after a nervous but straightforward 10 minutes of procedure which was stressful mostly in that I wish there was more restraint, one lost contact bandage to replace, and only mild sensations of discomfort, I left the clinic; with my parents who had agreed to drive. Leaving Providence, we stopped for a simple dinner, where I enjoyed my almost useless but glasses-free vision for about 40 minutes of relative comfort; and then in rapid order all manner of pain and burning sensations started firing off inside my skull.

After 6 agonizing hours of failed sleep and wishing the doctors had actually given me a note for something stronger than OTC Ibuprofen for this phase, I managed to get up and walk it off.

12 hours after and I decided that things felt pretty-good, but still very light sensitive. Can use the eye but only for a minute or so before the glare starts to be a real pain. My un-changed right eye is able to get me thru my normal tasks, but squinting one eye shut all the time was getting really tiresome.


Now, about 30 hours after the procedure, the pain and most major discomfort is gone. I can actually write this without my oh-so-cool eyepatch, tho I am forcing myself to use my right eye as much as I can. I have to take breaks every 10-15 minutes from the computer, and the brightness is lowered from normal. Vision with the operated eye is about on par with my right eye now, which is a definite improvement, but neither is 20/20 by any means. It will apparently be at least a month before the eye starts to settle into the intended state, so in the meantime I can’t really use my old glasses but I can’t yet see perfectly either. Going to refrain from driving for at least a week or so.

So far it’s been an alright experience. I’d put the procedure itself as, overall, not nearly as bad as I’d feared but not as bulletproof feeling as I’d hoped. I cant recommend it yet, but nor would I dissuade anyone so far. My experience seems right on par with everything I’ve read, which seems to be a good thing.

If this eye turns out good, I can try for my right. Maybe that eye patch will come in useful again.


It’s been a week since my procedure and vision is somewhat sharper than before but the clarity is ever drifting. Last 24 hours or so I have very pronounced astigmatism style double vision and some halos. Point light sources while in the car look like little turtles or sometimes icecream cones:


Anyway I am not driving yet, though I could manage it if needed.

I can use a computer but still sometimes using the eye patch. (Also the whole “U-boat captain wearing an eye patch to preserve night vision when using a periscope” effect is pretty cool. One eye can get around in a dark room like a boss, while the other can’t see a damn thing.)

Going back to the Dr’s office today to get the contact lens bandage taken out and go over what my next steps are. I’m done with the regimen of Rx eyedrops, but still popping the standard preservative-free eyedrop vials like tic tacs. Getting good at them, but still can’t “drop” directly into my goddamn eyeball.

So for sure the downside with the PRK is the extended healing. I want to believe. But it calls for ample patience to wait it out.