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It’s always a little funny when you run a race here.

The race is listed as 5k. There is a giant mile marker every mile, but no kilometer markers of any kind. Fancy races have a clock at every mile marker showing the current time (which you can calculate your pace from based on when you passed the starting line).

Most races even give me my mile splits on a web site after the race, and some have awards for “fastest mile” in the course of the 5k.

Run a lightning mile and then walk. #playtowinthegame

Yeah, get an extra victory point yet still lose the game. =(

Actually, I’m not sure what my straight single-mile time is anymore. I only do distance running. My fastest miles in a half marathon are around 6:45 (usually on a big downhill), with an average pace around 8:30. I haven’t run a hard single mile in many years.

I’ll do it this week and see how fast I am.

“Eliud Kipchoge Breaks Two-Hour Marathon Barrier”

Awesome if true, but marathons have been so rife with cheating lately that I can’t believe it.

What cheating? Doping? I guess possible.

But this was on a special course, with an army of pacesetters, and a laser grid projecting pace car, designed for him to break 2. It’s not like he could have cut it short or something.

Also, it’s 19 seconds per mile off world record 10k pace, and 9 seconds faster than women’s 10k world record pace.

Also also, he was .1 seconds per mile faster than women’s 5k world record pace.

Just let people cheat at sports, at least in a cheater league. No rules beyond the rules of the game itself. I would watch the shit out of cheater leagues of every sport.

The official women’s marathon record, which has not been broken for 16 years, was also broken yesterday:

Guess what shoes she was wearing?

The fastest five marathons ever run in the men’s side have all been in the last year, and now the fastest women’s marathon, all with the same shoe.

This has got nothing to do with more doping, and everything to do with better technology.

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I didn’t realize this, but Bekele also finished 2 seconds off the world record last month in Berlin.

Bekele has the world record in the 5k and 10k. And he’s 2 seconds off the marathon WR.

I don’t remember which episode it was mentioned in, but I had exactly the same experience with running shoes.

Last year I went to a foot specialist because I was having pain in my heels. It wasn’t bad when walking or standing, but I couldn’t lay flat with any weight on my heels without so much pain I couldn’t relax or sleep.

They did a foot exam and gait analysis and had me run on a treadmill. The team told me the shoes I was running weren’t giving my heels enough support, and their top recommendation was a new pair of running shoes. They even gave me a few specific recommendations from a few different brands.

Also I got heel inserts for the rest of my shoes. These combined solved all my heel pain issues!

There is, no doubt, a limit to how long running shoes last, and it’s huge help to replace them when needed.

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