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I just has a vasectomy. I’m going to be laying up for next few days while my a balls calm down.


Been considering it. If you’re comfortable talking about it, how was the procedure?


I’ve still got some hopes pinned on Vasalgel.


I was obviously still recovering from the anaesthetic earlier as I have no memory of posting about it here on the forum 5 hours ago.


It’s not a local anesthetic?


Nope. Very light general anaesthetic. For comparable severity of operation a local would be enough, but for patient comfort during operations on “sensitive areas” they put people to sleep. The other example was putting cameras down someone’s throat to see the gastric tract.


I believe the draconian US healthcare system still only uses a local anesthetic for vasectomies, based on the stories I’ve heard. Just like with endoscopies, they still give only a valium-style relaxation drug so that you may be awake when they stick the tube down your throat, but you just don’t care.



Juliane just talked me through everything that happened after the operation, and my memory of it is fucking GONE! I remember waking up a bit, getting dressed, but then nothing about meeting her after in the waiting room, the post-op consultation, walking to the car, telling her the story four times, none of the drive home, posting something to this forum.

It’s feels soooo weird. When I’ve been drunk and someone tells me stuff I’ve forgotten from the night before, it comes back in vague patches. But in this case it’s all gone. Completely gone.

If this was an episode of Elementary, I could easily be a murder suspect and not be able to remember either killing the victim, nor having a valid alibi.



It’s funny Zombie Luke’s instinct is to post about it on the FRCC.


One of a few reasons I have never had general anesthesia, and will avoid it if at all possible. Obviously I can’t get away from it if I need like, open heart surgery, but I never get it at the dentist.


Laying on the couch with a bag of frozen peas on your crotch, posting on the forum, as you do. Standard operating procedure.


I’ve had general once, and will gladly do whatever I need to never have that experience again.

My experience was quite similar - woke up in a state of delerium, conked out, woke up in a hospital bed, had no idea what had just happened, and slowly came back to reality.

It was kind of an amazing transition, though. I literally went from in being in the OR, counting down at 7, to suddenly waking up in the post-op recovery area, to waking up in the hospital room.

I don’t remember any words or anything else that happened around that time.

Amazing and horrifying.


I went under for my wisdom tooth extraction. It was literally “so, I wonder what this will feel li-” to “I am home on the couch and it is the next day.” It felt like I teleported there.


If we could precisely control the timing it would be great for dealing with stuff like waiting in lines, flying on a plane, or even going to work. Take it when I leave the house next thing I know I’m home!



Yes, I’m very much having the time-travel-teleportation vibe.

Everything after me asking “did you inject the drugs? My teeth feel weird…”

Smash cut to:
I should take a photo before I leave the operation room.

Smash cut to:
Getting some food at home

Resume at:
Waking up on the couch and Juliane saying “You’ve told me the same story four times since the end of the operation.”

Apparently there was lots of loud slurred talking in public places about how many ejaculations I need over the next four to eight week.


This story is great so far. I, like Scott, am really hoping for there to be a different way to go in a few years. But if not, of the stories on this topic I’ve heard, I think your method sounds the best.


Last time I was under general I had a weird form of gastroenteritis and was extremely weak. I was having a procedure to like… look at my guts in some capacity. I think It was a colonoscopy but I was so delirious I basically lost coherence any time I was not on a saline drip.

What I remember most, was the anesthesiologist saying “OK I want you to count backwards from ten, OK? Ready? Go.”

I do not believe I even made it to ten. I certainly don’t remember saying ten. I kinda hope I did otherwise it’d be sorta awkward to be that gastroenterologist and anesthesiologist. Is he out? Or did he just not understand the command?


When I was put under for my first colonoscopy, I remember the nurse walking me through all the equipment they use, as a way of getting me comfortable with the procedure while they got everything set up. She pointed to the endoscopy camera and said, “This is a Canon (model name) camera that we use.” And my last thought before going out was, “Wait, what if I was a Nikon employee, and didn’t want to be violated by a competitor’s product?”


Were you completely put under, or just sedated. Usually for colonoscopies they just sedate you just enough so you don’t remember what went on, but they don’t put you totally to sleep.