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So this is where I ended up in the end of the year: -20lbs (max of -30lbs).


Last quarter of the year I really slid #thankstrump. Looking to really tackle this year with a vengeance and while it’s a bit demoralizing to see the regression, it’s much more amazing to see the head start I had from last year!


Bravo dude. That’s some impressive numbers.

What are you using as a weight tracker? Its been a nightmare to try and keep track of where I am at since I moved over. I think I am down 3 stone in 8 months.

I dropped from 225-230 down to 208 pounds over a couple of months, but I can’t lose any more weight due to a condition I have where I don’t want to drop my blood pressure too low. I still have a belly so I think my only option left is to actually start an exercise regime. I need to convert my body fat into muscle if I want to get healthier. For me the most boring way is repetitive motions. Stuff like using gym equipment, or those aerobics done to music holds no interest to me, so I’m looking for alternatives that are a bit more involved and train up a skill instead of just getting fit. Could do martial arts, could do dance, thought about rock climbing but I can’t find a place nearby. What else could be interesting?

I recently took up boxing because I didn’t feel that my life was masochistic enough. Nothing better then getting the stuffing knocked out of you by one of your 15 year old students to drive you towards getting fit.

I’ve taken up field hockey which is free to go along to at a local university. I’m pretty bad at it and I don’t feel like I’m getting much better after 6 weeks… I kind of would like to try it left handed as I feel more comfortable doing it that way but it’s against the rules! Right handed only! It’s a safety thing apparently so that when you meet another player face on you’re not like a mirror… and break and get glass on the pitch or something.

Didn’t lose any weight at all this past year. Just fluctuated between 205-210 the whole year. My focus this year is going to be trying to get my calorie intake down since that’s always been my biggest issue weight-wise. Maintaining my current level of exercise should be easy enough to do as long as I don’t get injured worse than I already am.

I use Google Fit to track everything. I weigh myself every time I go climbing on the same calibrated scale.

I use Strava for running, biking, and hiking, but it auto-updates Google Fit.

In January of 2016, I hit my highest-ever weight of 337.

No bueno.

I’ve been using Macros (the app) to track my calorie intake, and I find the “count up” model of calorie tracking results in better compliance than a more typical “cut things out” approach. Going from 0 up means I have to think about each of my food choices, but as long as it fits in the budget, I can eat it. It engages the puzzle-solving parts of my brain, so I figure out what I need to do in order to satisfy a particular craving.

I’ve fallen off the horse in the winter, but I’m getting back up on there. I managed to come down to 312, though I’ve recently floated back up to 315. Of course, at my weight, a moderate-sized poop can mean 3 pounds.

Need to get back to my fight practice workout routine. Considering using a pillar in my basement as a dummy for workouts while it’s all wintery outside. I also need to finish setting up the area around my weight bench, but that’s on the list for when we get to setting up the basement.

I’ve contemplated looking into bariatric surgery, but I think that’s probably unnecessary for me, since I’ve successfully made it down to 272 before using diet and exercise.

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I’m at 250 right now and that’s pretty much where I’ve been for the last three years. Joined a gym last year but, I’ll be honest, I didn’t go nearly as often as I should have. Gonna make a concerted effort to go at least twice a week, but I think I’m going to concentrate more on my intake as research seems to be showing that managing diet seems to be more effective towards weight loss.

I use s-health for fitness tracking, which is fantastic.

Well yes, that’s the only way I can control my own weight at will.
e.g. last year when the whole family went for a cruise around Japan and Korea, I gained a substantial amount of weight, I think I was like 72 kg which is about 159 pounds if you live in a country stuck in the middle ages.
When I got home I just went back to my normal consumption levels and was back to 64kg (141 pounds) within 2 months.
However when I was going to the gym 5 / 7 days of the week (a few years ago), it allowed me to eat anything in any quantity because I was burning it. I went from 78kg to 60kg and then started building muscle up to ~65kg.

Also when you feel the phantom hunger or habitually seeking something to eat outside normal hours, the easiest thing is to just drink water, always have a a 1 - 2 litre bottle of water when you’re working or playing.

This! Most of the time, I’m actually dehydrated instead of hungry.

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The water drinking tip is definitely the number 1 way I stopped eating so much. The second best way was to make the choice of not eating snacks at the market instead of at home by not ever buying them. Lastly, when I craved quantity I’d eat a whole tub of low fat yogurt. It was around 500 calories, and there was no way I could eat too much of it. Also it tasted shitty which is another good way to avoid eating.


As a child, I easily drank 4-8 cans of soda (pop in the local vernacular) a day. All they way up through the end of high school I basically constantly consumed sugar beverages.

Once I stopped, it took about a year, but eventually soda tasted like acrid batteries soaked in diesel. So now I drink almost zero soda, and what I do drink is artisanal hip nonsense or bitter tonic. Diet soda tastes like actual poison.

Thing is, I didn’t replace it with anything. I stopped drinking soda, but didn’t start drinking anything else in its absence. Thus, I cut 400-1000 calories a day out of my life basically for free.

Aren’t you a red bull drinker? I mean it’s essentially soda loaded with caffeine, B vitamins and a whole lot of sugar.

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[quote=“Josh, post:16, topic:254, full:true”]
Aren’t you a red bull drinker? I mean it’s essentially soda loaded with caffeine, B vitamins and a whole lot of sugar.
[/quote]One Red Bull is 110 calories. I drink at most one a day: usually one to three a week.

It’s not nearly so acrid and horrid as regular soda. It also doesn’t have HFCS in it: just good old sucrose and, more importantly, glucose.

The average soda drinker drinks soda as a snack, and also with meals. I drink Red Bull the same way I drink coffee. I wouldn’t drink a 20oz of Red Bull during a movie any more than I’d drink a 20oz of regular soda. Soda drinkers drink soda when they’re thirsty AND when they’re hungry AND whenever they eat.

I think you may be projecting there. Anecdotally that’s not the experience I’ve observed (full disclosure, I only drink water, coffee and, occasionally booze). Many soda drinkers I’ve acquired as friends are just coffee drinkers who don’t drink coffee.

Is it worse than just being a coffee drinker?

Is it as bad as what you suggest occurs?
Not even close.

The selection bias I have is noted and preserved for the record.

This is basically the same for me, but I still have soda occasionally when I need the caffeine boost. Since I don’t intake caffeine regularly, having energy drinks make my heart go out of control, so I can’t do those. But I try to avoid soda as much as possible because it just hurts to drink it. My new weakness is San Pellegrino, specifically the aranciata. Pretty much as bad as soda, but tastes and feels better.

One regular redbull at 37g of sugar. That’s suicide.

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