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Ran my first one hour run continuous in a long time. Reached 5.25 miles. So pumped I was able to stay focused and not stop until I finished!


I need to get back to this or at least 45 minutes so I can watch “hour long” shows on my treadmill :-p


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Enjoy your daily dose of “Scott is the best, the smartest, and is always right.”


Scott has found one study that supports his position. Clearly he’s right. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Two week update!


My body fat loss goals, while not abandoned, are taking a backseat to other medical concerns and dietary needs right now. I am still maintaining many of the principles of the vegan ketogenic diet (low carbs, healthy fats, frequent small meals, etc.), but I cannot lower my calories to less than 1,800 a day any longer (I was averaging 1,200), and I cannot continue with the more intense running program I had been using. I can still do my strength training, and flexibility maintenance, but my cardio intensity needs to be reduced so I am back to trail walks with intermittent jogs or cycling in good weather and dancing on rainy days. Wah-wah.


I’ve been running almost everyday for the last 2.5 weeks. Generally I hate it while I’m doing it, but it’s helped me stop worrying about my heart health, which really improves my mental state. It’s also been great for my heart health, I don’t need to take my blood pressure meds anymore and my BP is 116/75.


Within a couple months, you will likely stop hating it as your body adapts to an active lifestyle. You’ll feel more refreshed after a short run than before! :wink:


I feel fine already after running. Just that while I’m running the prevailing thought is, "this sucks and I hate it. " :stuck_out_tongue:


Run faster. Seriously, if you’re bored going harder can fix that.


Not bored, just miserable.


Bike instead. You go further. You go faster. You see more exciting stuff. It’s not painful at all. It’s more fun. Pretty much better in every way.


Do you listen to music or a podcast while running? I’ve heard really good things about Zombies Run!, an app that is kind of a narrative story/game you listen to/play while you run.


I hate listening to music or podcasts while I run (and I would NEVER do it biking).

I just meditate. It’s rare that I have time alone with my thoughts, so running (and biking) are primarily meditative.


I tried the long distance running thing for a couple years and I never got used to it. Even when I got up to doing half-marathons I never enjoyed the actual running part of it. For me it was just fun to be around a bunch of other people doing something difficult together, so it gave me a sense of accomplishing things. In terms of exercise that I actually enjoy doing, there’s only strength training and rowing. Maybe someday I’ll get a bike and try that out again, but it’s not a high priority.


[quote=“Apreche, post:52, topic:254, full:true”]Bike instead. You go further. You go faster. You see more exciting stuff. It’s not painful at all. It’s more fun. Pretty much better in every way.[/quote]It’s the cardio that’s uncomfortable, not the act of running. To get the same workout I’d have to ride at flat out top speed as hard as I can. Could be better in that I like going fast, but really I just hate exerting myself.


Do what I do.



Easy for you to say, you don’t have high blood pressure and borderline high cholesterol.


Once you are reasonably fit, running 3-5k won’t feel exerting at all unless you run at a high speed.

I got to the point where if I run 9 minute miles, I can run for a good hour without breaking much of a sweat or even breathing too heavily.

You’ll be shocked how rapidly you get into shape with regular short runs.


Even if I did. Why spend your young years suffering in pain just to gain some extra old years, suffering in pain. Better to live a comfortable life and die sooner.