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37g of sugar amounting to 100 calories. I can survive that. I seem to burn about 2500/day if I’m not active.


Damn. I burn about 1800 tops on an inactive day. So jealous.


Where are you getting these numbers?


You can get basic numbers with one of the many BMR calculators out there. The only real way to know is to do real tests, but a calculator can get you in the ballpark.


Most of the latest research (as far as I am aware) is slowly coming to the understanding that a calorie is no longer equivalent to any other calorie, regardless of source. The way the body processes and handles sugars (explicitly through the liver) make calories from sugar uniquely bad for your body chemistry. There is a reason why the daily recommended intake for sugar is < 25g a day.


Yet somehow we’ve managed to get sugar into almost everything. Dunno what we were thinking.


We managed to get sugar into everything because the sugar lobby supported misleading science in the 70s to blame obesity on fat instead of sugar. This led to “low-fat” nutrition recommendation and in order to make this food taste good, processed food manufacturers had to add more sugar.


Also sugar is as chemically addictive as nicotine, so there is that as well.


I’m thinking I wasn’t clear, this is my failure to master communication in textual english. I know why sugar is in everything, was going down the bitter sarcasm route.


Several years ago I spent a number of months and considerable effort tracking every calorie consumed in conjunction a BMR formula in an effort to learn better weight management. I got the formula dialed in pretty well and have successfully controlled my weight within a fairly narrow window ever since. But I also learned that if I’m inactive for a spell I can’t eat much at all without gaining weight.


For the past three months I have only eaten veggies, nuts/seeds, fruit, eggs, and fish/crustaceans. And I only drink water. I’ve lost 40 pounds so far. The first 20 pounds melted off quickly and then things slowed down a bit. I’ve slowly increased the amount of exercise so I don’t hurt myself.

The next time I go to my doctor, I’m going to ask for some more blood work to make sure I’m not deficient in any vitamins.

I’m no where near where I want to be yet, but I’m starting to worry about all the loose skin. Anyone here have any experience with loose skin after dramatic weight loss? I’ve read that exercising only helps so much and that insurance only helps for surgery around the stomach area.


Usually the recommendation is to look after the elasticity of the skin as someone loses weight. Dropping more than a kilogram a week can be too much for skin. Constant hydration is very important as is not losing any lean muscle (muscle gained by high reps, this type of tissue is least likely to be used by energy from all the tissues that are considered as a source of energy). Also making sure your skin is kept well taken care of in terms of exfoliation.

However since you’ve already lost the weight and have noticed the excess skin, I’m pretty sure there is tightening creams and baths, surgery should be a last resort if it is cosmetic, but it also depends on if the volume of excess skin is causing functional problems.

Can’t say with great confidence but having excess skin in the long term can be a bit of a headache in terms of allowing for bacterial and fungal infections, plus making sure the entire surface area is cleaned up at every shower, almost a situation where a bath may be better.


Thanks for the advice! I’ve been hydrating like crazy and I’ll ask my dr for tips on keeping my skin healthy. I have a meeting with a personal trainer next week to see if I like them. I explained to the trainer what’s going on and that I need help doing strength training (since I’ve never done it outside of high school).

I know I should have tried to get healthy years ago. I just didn’t care enough. Now, I am the legal guardian of my niece. The idea of raising a child never crossed my mind before. Knowing that my little one depends on me so much is terrifying. My priorities have completely changed. It’s at the same time the most amazing/terrifying thing that has ever happened to me. I have a much better appreciation for all you parents out there.


I dropped ~50 lbs. several years ago on an extreme diet (less than 1000 calories a day). I gained those back after a surgery left me inactive as well as phasing meat out had me relying on carb-heavy foods until I found low-carb/keto vegan recipes and snacks that I both liked and were filling. Also, eating so few calories left me drained and unable to do much. Trying to balance additional calories with workouts was not feasible due to a medical issue. I am now working on reducing my body fat again, so I am begining on a new, more maintainable diet than the last time.

My Fat Reduction Strategy :
-Talk to a doctor about your diet and metabolic function. Undiagnosed hormonal imbalances and illness may be part of the issue (as it is/was for me).
-Drink low cal/no cal beverages. Water is great, but tea (no sugar/milk), coffee (no sugar/milk), and other low/no calorie drinks are good in moderation, too

  • Small low-carb meals/snacks (approx 100 cals or less) with high protein & fiber (every 2- 3 hours), and one low-carb, high protein, and high fiber meal (approx 300 - 500 cals once a day, usually dinner).
  • Eat immediately upon waking and stop eating 3 hours before bed.
  • Scale back workouts the first week of a new diet, then ease back into them.
  • For women who have regular menstruation cycles, start your new diet immediately after your menses if possible. Cravings, fatigue, and muscle aches may be increased during ovulation, PMS, and menstruation. All of this may derail a new diet or just make it super unpleasant.
  • Get detailed body fat, water, bone, and muscle percentages. Personally, I my “weightloss” goal is based on my body fat percentage. I do not track actual pounds except at medical visits.
  • Integrate more healthy fats.
  • No fruit during actual weight/fat loss phase. Fruit is sugar plus fiber and vitamins. You can get fiber and vitamins elsewhere.
  • No cheese or high milk fat products the weight/fat loss phase. I rarely consume dairy now anyway, but back when I still ate animal products regularly, cheese was a constant craving. The calories are just not worth it for the tiny amount that fit within a lower calorie diet.
  • Track salt intake. Water retention adds pounds and can contribute to fatigue and joint pain that undermines exercise. Also, less salt has other health benefits (consult your doctor).
    -If cheating is a must, cheat healthfully. Have a favorite fruit, cheese, and/or salty snack in some moderation rather than a pint of ice cream and half a pizza.
  • Make snacks/meals/shakes in advance whenever possible. Plan an entire week, weeks, or month in advance and make as many components beforehand as is possible. This is good time and money saving advice regardless of being on a weight/fat loss diet.
  • If you are hungry, actually hungry not just bored or craving something, eat an extra snack. Actual hunger over long periods of time may trigger a slow down of your metabolic function (consult your doctor).

My favorite recipe resource:


I recently rebalanced my macros to reduce carbs and up fat intake, focusing on healthy fats - and holy hell, I experience 100% more satisfaction.

I’ve found that tracking intake - literally tracking everything that goes into my face - has been a huge help in maintaining diet discipline. I’ve got an app for it. Works great.


I do my tracking beforehand by planning meals and snacks.


That’s a great plan there Kate. I just started doing one fairly similar to that, only difference is I’m doing two meals (around 600 kcal) and three snacks (200 kcal) to get around 1800 kcal per day. My BMR is at least 2500 kcal, so that should be sufficient until I hit my target weight and fat percentage. I’m still using weight because it lets me keep track of muscle gains and maintenance, which are just as important to me as losing fat.


I’ve been stagnating since the New Year. I haven’t really gained any weight but I’ve definitely stopped losing weight. I think it’s majority lack of physical activity as well as increased levels of alcohol consumption. Turning this ship around right now, not fucking this up :slight_smile:


Yeah, when I am dieting I cut out alcohol. It just isn’t worth it. Also, I almost never drink anyway, so it is a minimal loss for me.


Starting to count calories and been exercising at least four days a week (goal is five times unless I need to rest an extra day). My exercise consists of either:

3+ Mile run with at least two miles done at an 8:30 split. My best one mile split is around 7:45
8+ Mile bike ride at hard intensity
Kettlebell Swings + Turkish Getups
5+ Mile Hiking (moderate to difficult intensity)

I’ve been going for about a week and a half now. I’m hoping to reach some fitness + body fat % goals by mid-august for Cosplay reasons :wink: