Nintendo Switch


Game of the Year!


I never choose wear clothes.


So I guess you work from home then? :stuck_out_tongue:


Aww yis, just found the master sword.
Aww dang, not cool enough for the master sword.


Now I want to see that as a song on YouTube. Harry Partridge, maybe? Hmmmm…


Bomberman worked and BotW looks great. I said I’d “wait and see” re: any Nintendo console since the DS, and the Switch seems to be legit.

So long pile of $$$


I’m still going to wait till probably the first price drop/some sort of good bundle.


First price drop? Nintendo?


There will be some sort of bundle that ends up making it cheaper.


I am just glad that Scott reported also having trouble trying to get the joycons to split and orient themselves properly for Bomberman. I did it in front of 4 friends not having tried it before and it was some lame ass shit to have them watch me for 5 minutes fiddling in menus.

My Switch didn’t make it out as much as I’d hoped during PAX but it was still super handy. I played a bunch of Zelda on the train up, while sitting around in-between tasks on Wednesday (Wed setup is super light, as few TT exhibitors show up that day), and back in the hotel room before falling asleep.

Would have liked to try out the system pairing with Bomberman (can link up to 4, bringing it down to 2 players per screen) but there will be a next time.


Any word on the controller desynced being fixed via firmware update?


I’ve never had a controller desync.

The trick to getting all the joycons to pair is to NOT press A. Just press L and R on every joycon. Then after they are all appearing, THEN you press A on just one joycon. The problem we kept having was because everyone thinks they are supposed to press L and R and A. So as soon as someone hits A, that’s the end and you have to start over.


Yeah that’s what I’m waiting for. I don’t see a price drop anytime soon but it’s only a matter of time before it’s mostly bundles out there. They just gotta milk the early adopters for as much as they can. Shit, I’m hoping for a price drop on the pro controller more than the console.


I also haven’t seen a desync. It’s said to happen when you are playing on a TV and using them as paired joycons. It’s unacceptable but also not something I’m likely to encounter. I played Snipperclips for hours on the TV but each player only uses one joycon, so no issues there. I’ve played Zelda exclusively handheld for 5 or so hours, but if I do slap it into the dock, I’ll use the pro controller


I find myself doing more exploring and finding Shrines and location towers and doing side quests while slowly but surely doing the main storyline.

I’m finally at the first divine beast and I already had 20 shock arrows that I bypassed climbing up to get shock arrows and possibly facing Lynel.

I probably will get more shock arrows just in case.

Need to find more good wooden armor and weapons because of lightning. I’m loving this game way too much.


The secret to lynel is perfect back flips.


I need to practice more combat/defensive maneuvers but forgot where that practice place was.


I was going to say I hope third parties make a combo rugged case with a dock that fits it, but it looks like there are some patents in the way even if it is basically a hub. When I get one I may just buy a rugged case and try to use a USB-C extension cable to connect it to the dock so it doesn’t get the chance to scratch it, even if it isn’t an elegant solution. Actually, come to think of it, I bet some company will make a dock dock that is effectively just an extension cable where the switch sits in there in a way as to not be scratched.


Interesting wrinkle on the Switch dock patent thing. Would like to know more about it. If that’s truly in the way, this is clearly a wide open field for Shapeways models. Somebody is gonna make a nice little 3D-printable cradle that allows for a charging cable pathway.


Yeah apparently some guy made his own standalone converter box out of a dock by gutting it, and he used a USB-C extension cable to replace the little nub the Switch plugs into. Just did a quick search and yeah it does look like it works. A 3D printed option would definitely be nice if you can since you could affix the cable in there like it is in the dock, but something like this + extension cable should get the job done.