Nintendo Switch


I almost didn’t realize Epona was a one time thing on SSB Link amiibo. I’m still barely into the game abs luckily I was already going thru Dueling Peaks where there is a stable.

Now to get more amiibos.


Really? The only way to get the actual Epona is to have some Amiibo? Fuck that noise.

I assumed Epona would just appear later in the game. I named my first horse “notepona”


Yeah, I guess so. :confused: I mean, it is many years into the future so original Epona would be dead.

They say the solid color horses are better than the spotted.


I just grabbed the first horse I came across and used it exclusively. Now I realize I’m going to need multiple horses per stable for convenience.


The pro controller is mad expensive. I didn’t even look at the price when I bought it. I assumed it was about $50 like most controllers. That Nintendo store charged me an MSRP of $70 before tax. Shit son. I just bought a 1080p IPS monitor for $99.

That being said, the pro controller is truly pro. Can’t ever go back to joycons for Zelda. The most important part, a REAL D-PAD. It may be the best gamepad I’ve used. Better than Steam, XBox, and Playstation controllers, that’s for sure.



Yeah. Not excited to be dropping money on more controllers for party play. Will try to get Bomberman this weekend, if I can find extra controllers.


I definitely wish I got Bomberman on the eShop, but the physical copy at Best Buy was 20% off plus an extra 10% back in rewards.


Dang. I got the built-in savings of using Amazon Prime + Amazon Prime Credit Card, but not that much savings. It’s a good Bomberman, but the MSRP is a bit annoying. If it wasn’t the only good multiplayer/party game on Switch launch I would definitely have waited for it to be at least $20 or less before buying it.

That pro controller is the last overpriced thing I’ll be buying for Switch. Reasonably priced games only from now on.


I have been on the fence about Bomberman but I think I’ll wait. I got Epona. And Wolf Link is kinda strange. He’s based on how much progress you made in Wii U Twilight Princess which for me was not much. He just kinda hangs around and helps you.


WTF there’s a Wolf Link also? I beat the original Twilight Princess, so I don’t get any credit for that?


The only one that sounds meaningful is Epona. Wolf Link disappeared when I went into Kakariko Village and I’m assuming you have to keep summoning him. Just find someone who has smash bros Link amiibo and get Epona.


Oh good idea. Since the Switch is portable, I might be able to just get it at PAX like whatev.


Worst case I can mail you mine and you can bring it to Prime, if not earlier.


I don’t think a digital horse is worth that much hassle.


Well I do mail Rym packages every now and then. I would just put it in there. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am also getting a Switch, so I would enjoy both a package and the Amibo. XD


[quote=“Rochelle, post:121, topic:315, full:true”]
From the article:
All non-Zelda franchise amiibo:
Any amiibo that aren’t of a Legend of Zelda series character will still scan into Breath of the Wild just fine – but instead of giving you specific items, each amiibo will drop a random selection of materials including foodstuff, random loot, or even the occasional gemstone. Every single amiibo on the market is compatible with Breath of the Wild in this way, even the Animal Crossing amiibo trading cards.
[/quote]I have all 400 cards. OMG, I could just amiibo farm materials.



Game of the Year.