Nintendo Switch


I got the Amazon basics USB Ethernet dongle. The cord is short that it barely fits the docking station to be able to shut the back of the case. I could always use a USB extender. That Hori/Nintendo one is way too expensive.


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night coming to Switch.



I hope I can change my Vita copy for a Switch copy now. That game deserves to be on the Switch.


Hmm, do I really change from Steam to Switch version? I think so because portability is a thing.


I switched to Switch. If I need another copy on Steam, I’ll wait for a sale.


Heh. Watched Scott play in his stream. Heh. I’m pretty much where he is at onto the 2nd Divine Beast, but have more Shrines, Korok Seeds and stuff.

I can’t help myself from exploring everwhere in hopes to discover something cool, which happens 75% of the time.


30+ hours in and only beat the fish dungeon; every time I try to stick to the main story, it starts raining dragons and such.

It honestly feels like fish dungeon is Nintendo’s encouraged first dungeon. The main plot leads you through the first two villages, then their next big hinted at location gets interrupted by the Fish Prince.


Yeah I ran into like 5 people all being like “Yo, aren’t you a Hyrulian?”

Yes, stop asking me.


Each day, each play, there’s something new to discover.


My review of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I stayed up way past my bedtime because I was training a sweet new horse and there were some bad dudes down by the beach that needed to die so my friend’s sheep would be safe. Then a ninja tried to kill me.

It’s a good game.


Didn’t your parents teach you not to talk to strangers?


It’s a great game, but I started to get burnt out by exploring so I took in the camel divine beast.

Jeremy will soon be finishing Horizon Zero Dawn and wants to play Breath of Wild next. This is problematic since I’m not even nearly done.

HOWEVER, I could ask him to get it for the WiiU…

This game is really sad when you see the spirits of the champions. It really pulls the heart strings. Also the CD that came with the special edition doesn’t have all the tracks because Korok Forrest and clarinets/woodwinds are my jam. Why doesn’t Nintendo give me all of it?! Would gladly pay $20 for the complete digital soundtrack.


I beat the Elephant and Bird divine beasts. I also took care of the dragon of Wisdom. I’m gonna hold off on more divine beasts because I just made it to the Northeast area on the map with Robbie and such. This is by far my most favorite area. It really feels like Zelda 1. It even matches the map of Zelda 1 with that labyrinth island. In Zelda 1 it was just a tiny island you would take a raft to. There’s also a dragon in this area that I’m gonna take out. At one point it flew in front of the moon, and that was crazy awesome.

On that labyrinth island I managed to beat some guardians for real. That has really stepped up my game a ton. I’m going to try to take out some of the flying sentry guardians next. Them and the Lynels are the only things that I’m still worried about. And if I fail, big deal. I die and go do other stuff to get stronger before I try again.

One thing I want to know is about the Goron area. I’ve been afraid to go in there because fire/lava. There must be an item to provide heat resistance. If I head to Goron land, will I find this item (presumably an armor set), or do I seek it elsewhere? Do I just eat some cold foods and tough it out? I have some frozen meats, and I know where to get more.


You can buy fire-resistant armor in the Goron town. I spent forever running around on fire, talking to everyone assuming they give it to you like the Zora armor, but it’s just for sale in one of the shops.


So you can get to the goron town without instantly dying from being on fire?


You’ll need one or two fire elixirs to get to the town.


I almost ran the dude over with my horse. I needed to apologize!


Go to Gerudo. Some fun stuff there and you’ll also get heat resistant gear while doing some of the Divine Beast quest line. There is also a cave NW of the map tower full of shinies.


Oh, I guess that’s designed to come before Gorons then.