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Nintendo is announcing a bunch of information on the Switch this Thursday it looks like.

I’m sadly less and less interested in it as I have begun to catch up on my backlog of PC games. I have enough unplayed, already-owned PC games to last years at this point if I buy no other game and I suddenly quit Overwatch.

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I’m definitely interested in it, but I’m probably going to do the same thing I did with the Wii U and wait until there is some sort of deal at Target or BestBuy or something where you get like 3 games and the console for the price of the console. I really enjoyed owning a Wii U despite not playing it terribly often, but it was really good still for coop gaming. And arguably the “gaming on the go” aspect of the gamepad was one of the things that kept me playing it. So I’m interested to see if they can really refine that experience. But the thing is I’m not going to be buying Skyrim or the like, it’s still just going to be some of those exclusives they can get from third parties on occasion or of course the first party material.

Will the Switch bring back local 4 player gaming? Potentially, especially considering most households don’t have HTPCs in their living rooms and that Xbones and Pzz4s aren’t really local gaming friendly.

I’m increasingly disinterested as well. And I was an ardent supporter of the Wii U. And I still play my 3DS often. I simply can’t see myself going in on day 1 again. I was keeping pace with the Wii U library up until about a year ago, and then I completely dropped out. I still have a stack of good unplayed Wii U games like Bayonetta 2, Starfox Guard, and some others I can’t remember.

Nintendo has largely fallen off the radar for me. The only game in my personal Top 10 last year from them was Pocket Card Jockey. If I went to a Top 20 it would have had Box Box Boy in it. So yeah, the two in-house “indie”-style 3DS games.

I’m 50/50 on the Switch itself. The main thing is that I just gotta play that Zelda.

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I’d argue they kinda slowed down on making good games around that time too, so that might have correlated. But yeah, I play my 3DS way more frequently. But honestly one of the main things that keeps me from playing Wii U more (even in bed) is that the console is hooked up in the den and there is enough interference between there and my bedroom that it makes playing with the gamepad infeasible. If they solved that, which it seems they did with the Switch, I could see myself dedicating more of my time to playing that console.

If I didn’t have a Wii U, I would (maybe) want the Switch for Zelda. And if the Switch version of Smash Bros. has new characters, I will (definitely) want that.

However, I’m also pissed off at Nintendo. They are increasingly giant jerks (firing Allison Rapp, sending a C&D to a friggin’ romhack), and they have really played their fanbase for money a lot. I’m just waiting for the announcement that the Switch virtual console is also resetting back to 0 and that your Wii U/3DS purchases will not transfer again, just allow you to re-buy games as they come out at a discounted rate. It’s just absurd at this point.

I have no use for a portable console at this point in my life. I don’t play my 3DS at all, and I don’t game at all at work (while waiting at the pharmacy for my deliveries to be ready), and if I’m not at work or on the road driving then I am at home with my PC.

I’m curious about Thursday’s event to see just how far Nintendo is gonna go in being utterly ridiculous, but…I’m not expecting to even consider a Switch purchase.

The PC brought back local 4 player gaming, I got my steam link with my x-box 360 wireless node and we play 4 player games at nearly every gathering.

My hot take is that the Switch will get less total play over time than an Oculus would in my household.

A Zelda game alone, if you play the whole thing would get more play time. I’ve completed every Zelda game ever except Majora’s Mask? I even beat the stupid train one on the DS.

That game was bad. I played the beginning, got terribly bored, and stopped playing Zelda games for a long time…

IIRC you haven’t even played Link’s Awakening. You can’t really comment about the bad ones if you haven’t played the good ones.

Good Zeldas for Rym in order:

  1. Zelda III
  2. Zelda I
  3. Zelda II
  4. Ocarina of Time
  5. Link Between Worlds
  6. meh?
  7. meh
  8. Twilight Princess? I guess? Didn’t bother finishing it…
  9. meeeehhhh…

You don’t have enough triforces to matter.

What are three recent Zelda games that are good?

Did you play my favorite (by virtue of being the only ones I played), Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons?

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All main-line Zelda games are at least “good” except for the train one.

Link Between Worlds, Skyward Sword, Phantom Hourglass are all good or better than good.

Granted, the years on those are 2013, 2011, and 2007. Real Zelda games don’t come too often. The Wii U didn’t even get one!

You’re implying that Ages and Seasons are not “real” Zelda games. This is fine, I do the same with all pokemon games after the second generation. Just recognize you’re doing it.

Ages and Seasons are real. They are 16 years old. They are far from “recent”.