Nintendo Switch



I am excite


I didn’t pre-order initially but when they came in stock for a hot second two weeks ago, I snagged one. I have been hard debating cancelling it. But I think I will keep it. Because I make poor financial decisions?


(sigh) When will people ever learn?


The local department store within a block from Jeremy and me is the best kept secret to get stuff like this. Only waited hour and a half in line with 14 people ahead of us. They had 48 units.

Too bad we’ll be mostly spending the weekend at Emerald City Comicon and watching Logan.


Took day off. Waiting for Amazon. It will be here any time between now and 8pm. Don’t really care either way. I have to clean up the apartment and such first. Then I’m gonna stream.


I managed to get lucky and get one of the red blue Switches off Prime Now. I think it was the last one as they’re not showing up anymore. I was gonna decide which one I wanted between that and the grey one and return or sell the other. I have a couple people who wanted to buy one.


I ordered the gray one off of regular amazon, but I also pre-ordered extra red/blue joycons, so it’s all the same. I figure I’m gonna need the extras for Bomberman anyway.

Zelda and Bomberman are the only games I bought on cartridge, since I wanted to guarantee being able to play them if eShop had issues. I suspect I will buy all future games digitally. Got me a nice big micro SD card.

Cleaned the apartment, and I’m setting up stream equipment now. Still waiting for UPS, though.


Yeah, I was on the fence about getting physical copies of the games as I really want to keep them digital. But that Amazon Prime discount makes it hard.


If you go full digital you won’t be able to taste the cartridges.


Yeah, the physical copy reviews are not going over too well.


Release a Kirby game and have the cartridge taste like cotton candy. For the memes.


Well that sucks. Prime Now order got cancelled. At least I still have the other one coming.


Is there a way to rearrange games on the home screen?


I got lucky and I got mine from Target yesterday morning. They had 47 grey ones and 8 neon color ones.
So far I am loving every minute of discovering, and surviving Hyrule.
Something that I have heard is that the dock scratches the screen.

My advice is to place a thing layer of padding or just get a screen protector.


Fuck you boars. I’m gonna get one of you guys sooner or later. Also redneck fishing. I’ve died more times than I’d care to admit so far in this game.


That was one of the first things I noticed when I was putting the tablet in the dock is that surprisingly there is not really anything keeping it from getting scratched. I immediately was thinking of putting in like some felt strips or something. Maybe my concerns were actually grounded though.

Zelda so far has been pretty damn awesome. My one gripe is I’d heard of some framey-ness when playing the game, but that it wasn’t that distracting. So far it’s been pretty distracting to me. It hitches up pretty bad in certain areas. Granted I just barely raised the towers so I haven’t done that much, but if you can see pretty far out then it gets a little hitchey. And I think it’s fairly distracting in certain areas.


It’s also been found that for some reason, there’s a pretty bad negative interaction between any sort of adhesive(like the kind they use on Vinyl skins for consoles and controllers) and whatever plastic they’ve used to make the Switch. Recommendation is against putting anything adhesive on it until we know what’s up with that.

Edit: And by weird coincidence, very shortly after I made this post, Polygon published a story on precisely the same thing.


I got super nervous when I heard about the scratching risk, and then I saw the pics where it is all scratches on the bezel portion of the glass. Eh, ok. I can live with that if it happens but I assume I’ll be more careful than the average bear taking mine in and out, as I’m generally careful with my electronics coming from a life of no cases or screen protectors.


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Nintendo Store has plenty of pro controllers in stock.

I also realized something when I was there. I bought a pack of red/blue joycons on Amazon. They are selling packs of red/red and blue/blue at the nintendo store.

Also, the joycons I bought came with gray L/R buttons. They are selling red and blue L/R buttons with wrist straps completely separately. Seriously, wtf.