Nintendo Switch


I guess they better get some blast processing. The games are just less fun with less pixels.


My immediate urge is to buy this console purely for Zelda. And due to the fact I have not owned a console in years. Though @rastergrafx that screenshot you posted does raise some doubts in whether or not I will end up purchasing it.


Considering I already have a huge backlog of games to play, as well as other media to enjoy, I feel no real urge to buy the Switch. Maybe towards the end of its lifecycle, when I can see how many really “must play” games came out for it, I might get it, but I could very easily not buy another game in the next 5 years and still have tons of games in my Steam library to keep my busy.


Imagine Nintendo Switch if it had Pascal accelerated graphics.

Or if Nintendo just had their games on Steam, and could stream to any device. All you would need is the Switch controllers.


I’m mainly excited for a bit more powerful handheld that may have a better Virtual Console (gamecube maybe?) thus allowing me to play games like Mario sunshine and Metroid prime. That combined with the new mario game with the new zelda game, I’ll grab it at costco or on a sale later this year.


No one is talking about Snipper Clips? This looks like a great puzzle game for two players. Also, Arms (ARMS?) looks to be a fun brawler game and it doesn’t rely on motion controls despite the preview. I wonder if Nintendo is purposely spacing out major titles to keep the interest up until enough 3rd party games launch.


I think the general contention against ARMS is that it’s a $60 game and it seems very shallow from what has been shown. Whether not it is substantial I think has yet to be seen. Snipper Clips is more in what I would call a reasonable ballpark sitting at $20.


That’s exactly how I feel about 1-2-switch

Here’s hoping that nintendo will come to their senses and release a bundled version of the switch with the game at say sam’s club or costco.


I used Google translate to read the article but near the end it appears to say that PC game porting will be available in about a year. Anyone able to confirm?


I’m not even sure I understand what you mean by PC game porting, but I haven’t heard any news like that at all.

There was some recent news where they were saying their online game service will be between $17-$24 speculated from yen conversions given in an interview. So at the very most it seems they could go up to $30 per year. That’s not too bad. But I’m still not sure how much that will impact online games beyond the stuff they’ve already outlined about the service. Like do you need it to play Splatoon online since it sounds like Splatoon might be out before even the soft rollout of the service.


What I mean is easy porting of PC games to the Switch.


Oh, well the WiiU was still using PowerPC, so they’ve moved to a custom ARM processor for the Switch. I imagine the compilation between ARM and x86-64 is easier than it is to PowerPC, but I don’t really know much about it.



Switch Pro Controller will work on PC. Sadly, that’s the only thing I wasn’t able to pre-order on Amazon.


Why settle for that when this is set to hit the market soon.


I wouldn’t touch that third party piece of junk controller with a ten foot pole.


I’ve been considering getting a Pro controller since there have been rumblings about the JoyCons. It sounds like Prime Now will be selling the Switch come the 3rd so I might keep an eye out to see if they have a Pro controller. They’re a bit pricey compared to other console controllers though.



With the Switch releasing at midnight tonight, there still seems to be a lot about the console we don’t know, or isn’t even finished yet.


The only issue that is impactful IMO is how the JoyCon apparently disconnects sometimes when you have the system docked. Hopefully they can fix this with firmware update. This apparently doesn’t happen with a Pro controller which is partially why I’m looking to get one. The other reason is then I basically never have to take the JoyCons off the tablet.