Nintendo Switch


This console is interesting but not enough for me to preorder the system.

Nintendo stays with a resolution that is 19 years old.
A 6.2" screen is kind of large for 720p let alone any monitor, every screen 5" or larger is just usable at 1080p let alone a TV. I doubt it’s that much harder to push 1080.

So a regular old school control with normal button is USD$80? The stock controls have the small buttons that the Steam controller has, passable for playing on the go but at home? Not sure.
To turn them into Wii controllers you need to buy an attachment. To turn it into some sort of comfortable controller (inbetween hanging onto both separately and the $80 separate controller.
I need to buy a microSD card for usable memory. My phone comes stock with 128gb, but whatever.

2 - 6 hours of use, on the go. I’m more interested in when it is 2 hours vs 6 hours.

Once again the only thing that is interesting is the Nintendo IP but I’ve not been interested enough in any single player game on Nintendo since the Game Cube. The Wii was good for party games.

The HTPC is better for party games.
I’ll sit back and see how they work out in actual use.

The Mario games look interesting.


[quote=“sK0pe, post:61, topic:315”]
So a regular old school control with normal button is USD$80? The stock controls have the small buttons that the Steam controller has, passable for playing on the go but at home? Not sure.
[/quote]Nah, it’s $80 for a two-pack. They’re $50 individually.


Yeah the one thing that has really surprised me is the controller prices. Those are a tad insane. Although it does kinda sound like each one is a sort of mini wiimote.

The battery life is a bit concerning too. Even with the Wii U they released a newer battery to make the game pad last longer. I wonder if they’ll do that for this. Although again, I’d rather not buy all this stuff piecemeal and just have it be part of the original package. It’s probably easier to manufacture one devise and offer customization options.


I am surprised that the colorful Switch has been selling out before the gray one.


I was on the fence about it but someone made the argument that you’ll have to carry this around and that’s when I realized taking the colors out of the house might be a bad idea. Also if you’re looking at the screen you have to see those colors in your peripherals for the duration of play.


Overall I’m very excited for the console, but there’s not enough launch titles to make me want to buy it on launch. As much as I’m anticipating Zelda, if it’s coming out on Wii U as well (unless they delay it or completely cancel the Wii U release), then I can just play it on that rather than pay more for the console as well. SMT and Fire Emblem definitely have me excited though.


Just realized since it is portable, I’ll be able to bring it to PAX East, and we can get our BOMB on!


This is partly why I’m deathly excited for a game like Splatoon on this thing. 4v4 local Splatoon at PAX Prime sounds like a dream experience to me.


I’m guessing splitscreen on this device might be an annoyance when not connected to a large display though.


I was super excited for this, but it seems like every bit of news is generating large units of anti-hype for me. With the exception of Splatoon, the entire first year they’ve laid out seems pretty meh, and I already have a WiiU to play Breath of the Wild on. That said, I jumped on the 3DS train pretty early and never seriously regretted it…


The thing is every console in recent generations has had a ‘meh’ launch lineup. I never really expected it to change. If you get a Mario and Zelda game within half a year then that seems pretty solid. PS4 and Xbox one had even less than this. If you had any higher expectations then I could have told you they were wrong before any announcement. :stuck_out_tongue:


One of the features that is flying under the radar is that the “free game of the month” virtual console title will be upgraded to have online multiplayer.


Has the information on that been cleared up? Is it free for the month, free forever (XBL) or free as long as you pay monthly (PSN)?


It is only free for the month. I initially thought this was dumb and the most Nintendo thing ever. Then I got convinced by a series of Frank Cifaldi tweets that it’s secret genius.

Forced window of exclusivity makes all the kids play it while they have a chance. Makes the active player base hit that critical mass where the game enters pop culture. Creates actual fans of retro shit that only old people care about. Gets people to start paying actual money for these old properties rather than “everything is a dollar!” and Nintendo is bankrupt.


The Switch comes with a free trial of the advanced online service with the game of the month and the multiplayer. I’ll use that to judge whether to continue paying for it.


It should be noted that the service will not be fully featured during this “free” time. I’d think of it more as an open beta before the official launch. I was under the impression they said summer then fully rolling it out in… November? Or maybe just Fall was what was said. The price is the biggest contender so far. Although… I’m still wondering why I pay for Xbox Live to be honest.


So, I understand why offering a game as only free for that month could be good, and being upgraded to have online features is…Okay.

But umm…ROMs and Emulators are free, and many of them allow for online play through hacks and hard work from fans.

That is what Nintendo is competing with.

They want to let you play a ROM with minor enhancements for a month, and that’s a thing you should be excited to pay for? I’m sorry, but that’s just a bit ridiculous to me. I’m not condoning piracy, but piracy is Nintendo’s competition and they need to admit that. (So do many other companies, but we’re talking about Nintendo here)


It’s true. I do have every ROM ever on my HTPC. That service would have to provide added bonus content on top of just playing the game.

I really wish they would bring back some BS Zelda-like concepts. That would make me pay moneys.


Yeah, full-on Master Quest style remakes of old games would be great. Hey, we’re releasing Super Metroid, but the map is totally different. You can play it free for a month or buy it for $15! Like, they just made their own Super Metroid ROMHack with no new items or anything, it’s just that the layout of the map and the order you get the items is different.

Because again, random fans on the internet are making the reimaginings people want. Nintendo shuts them down and provides no alternative. People didn’t outright reject Metroid Prime: Federation Force before it released because they were psychic and knew it was bad, they did it because Nintendo has refused to give them the thing they’ve been asking for. Shutting down AM2R later on was just icing on the silly Nintendo decision cake.


So, it looks like the Switch will have less graphical detail than the PS4.

Could this be a deal breaker?