Nintendo Switch


Party at Scott’s in March.


Come on over.



Just watching the Mario trailer almost made me pre-order the Switch. Until I realized I never finished Galaxy or Galaxy 2 :-p


I’d say the same except I beat both of those games.


Also everything sold out minutes ago except the grey model hmmm.


I won’t Splatoon 2 because as much as I know it’ll be a GREAT game, it won’t be as great as Overwatch.


You can pre-order on Amazon right now. No games yet, though. Maybe I will buy all the games in the eShop and not get any physical media.


I don’t think they’ve said what the storage capacity is yet. And the Wii U’s was abysmal. I think it was 32 gb. So I often still bought physical discs for it.


Biggest problem I have with Splatoon is having to play a shooter with a controller.


It plays loose enough with most of the weapons that controllers doesn’t matter. I think Splatoon does a much better job at being a fun casual shooter than Overwatch, but it’s dedicated enough to that experience that I think it falls flat on some of the skill ceilings you get with other shooters. So once you sort of reach that height it’s not as rewarding.


I preordered the grey one and Zelda. Nothing else grabs me other than portable Skyrim by year’s end.


Amazon has a E-mail me when available message.


So far Switch looks fine. I don’t have the idle wealth to get one at launch or anytime soon, but I’ll be following on how the library grows in the next year or two to probably get one at some point. New Zelda still looks good, new Mario looks like Mario game and Xenoblade 2 and new SMT got me quite hyped.

I was quite surprised that they decided to shove every type of gimmick in the controllers. I had assumed that them being modular was the only thing, but I was wrong.


It looks like it’s also coming to PS4 but watch out for that PuyoPuyo Tetris. I imported a copy of it a while ago and that game is dope as hell. I didn’t realize they actually got the licensing to bring it out of Japan.

After considering for a while I put down a pre-order on the console only while more details trickle in. If it ends up not seeming worth it at launch then I can just easily cancel. But it seems like they selling up fast so far. I didn’t preorder a game, but I’m considering trying to also go full digital what with the portability of the console. I more or less did that with the 3DS and it is amazing. It’s the type of thing I had to pirate around on the DS. Wii U it just wasn’t worth it. But if you let me put in like a 256 GB flash card I’m down. Or if Nintendo actually puts some goddamn memory in their systems that would also be a plus.


Okay, so apparently it has 32 GB internal and supports 256 GB MicroSD. I’m… sorta okay with that. I just wish it would come with more memory already. 256 cards are still pretty fucking expensive, but a 128 you can get for like $40.


That’s what I don’t get, adding more storage to the Switch shouldn’t increase the production costs much, make it $20 more and add 128gb


Trust me, this way is best. They could do it the Apple way and include 128GB and charge you $200 extra for it. Better to have a slot and let you put in your own card.


The Wii U was trivial to add storage to. It has a bunch of USB ports, and I was able to plug in a huge external drive. Basically zero effort.


Yeah, I’ve just never been hot on external storage drives. I was willing to compromise by putting a flash drive in as external storage and my cat either fell on it or literally slapped it so hard it exploded into pieces.

It was probably the first one.

But I like the idea of the second one.


All games for the switch should be party games.