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Just downloaded the demo and got through the most basic tutorial mission. It’s definitely not Armored Core. It’s much more mobile, you can fly freely as much as you want, but feels to me that you are slightly faster on ground, which might be important when needing to dodge enemy fire. Also I doubt that customization don’t go to the depths of Armored Core.

On it’s own it feels fine. Movement in the air feels sluggish if not boosting, but that might be the point. But I have high hopes, so far it seems just like the kind of mecha game I’ve been wanting.

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I’m in your camp. Link’s Awakening is probably my favorite 2D Zelda, and so much of what made that game what it was was the atmosphere, something that was slightly lost on the slight transition from GB to GBC. I worry about a full remake.

Also shit, I was fucking SEVEN when I was playing that game…


Getting flashbacks to watching my brother play this as a kid. Very much looking forward to this remake, though I also want to play the original.

That all sounds fine to me. As much as I love the old Armored Core games, I’m ok with something a bit lighter and more mobile, as long as it doesn’t turn into some type of Dynasty Warriors Meets Gundam arcade game. The art style on this game also looks really cool.


Yeah… not my thing. I’ve never enjoyed that genre of game whether it’s Dynasty Warriors, Gundam, Zelda, or even Berserk.

I’m pretty sure I had DX, but I remember having it way before what the release date says on Wikipedia. So I wonder if I maybe just had the regular. But I think that was my first Zelda game I played. Despite having a SNES I didn’t know about Link to the Past until later in life, but I was mostly at the whim of whatever my parents picked out for me being young enough.

Link’s Awakening is probably the single Nintendo game most in need of a remake/rerelease.

Rym hasn’t played it. He doesn’t know the wind fish.


It’s the Zelda I like the most.

My memory of playing it as a kid is that I was blown away. I wonder if playing it for the first time as a grown-up would be underwhelming.

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Having played it within the last couple of years, I can say it mostly holds up.

Trials: Rising is having an open beta that is free on Switch for the next few days. Then when the game releases you gotta pay.

Good deal for those looking for SD micros

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Nintendo is fucking with me and AC lovers. Shit is brutal.


Man this couldn’t come at a better time, My daughter LOVES to watch me play Mario.

Color Picross is your new god.

Only have two of them left. They went quick, need more than just 30 puzzles.

I’ve already done a lot of color picross before, but Picross S3 commits the cardinal sin of not having a colorblind mode like it should.