Nintendo Switch


This isn’t Rare, this is Retro. Retro has been consistently making Nintendo games since Metroid Prime 1.


It had hold trigger to lock on system and pretty sure it was basically mandatory at least in late game combat encounters.


Zelda was the biggest selling point for the Switch for me, but I can wait for MP4. I’m glad Retro is involved.

I liked MP2. Difficulty-wise, it started where MP1 left off, and the suffocation element helped built tension. Lots of slow and steady exploration.

Also, moth people.

I finished playing Metroid Prime Trilogy for the first time a year or two ago.


Looks like I am the only excited about the Dragonball x Yugioh game.


Apparently quite a few veterans have been at Retro for all these years!


Good to know! Hopefully they can recapture the magic.


Anyone try Wargroove yet?


Just rumors, but I’d be interested to see some of these come to fruition. Especially Prime trilogy on Switch which seems likely if they’re to satiate the blunder that is Prime 4:


Nintendo Direct confirmed for tomorrow.


Probably review Wargroove tonight.

I grok.


They said it was going to focus on Fire Emblem, but here’s hoping.


I don’t think I need to ever play a Fire Emblem game again. I think I see what they are all about, and I got what I was going to get out of them.


This one looks like a bit of a change, from what the first trailer showed. But same, I didn’t bother with the last one and Heroes has long been deleted from my phone.


Only teasers of AC. Nothing more. I’m just going to believe it’s coming out during the Christmas holidays, because fuck you, Nintendo for just making me wait.


Mario Maker 2, Tetris 99, Link’s Awakening remake. Also Deltarune coming in a couple weeks. I’ll gladly play on Switch.


A Link’s Awakening is so dear to me, that it makes me scared for a remake


Gimme dat Box Boy + Box Girl


I have catching up to do.

This looks too cute and probably much needed in my life.


As a fan of the old Armored Core games, has anyone tried the demo they released for this yet?

" Daemon X Machina , the colorful, mech-driven action game, is getting a free demo launching on the Nintendo Switch eShop Wednesday evening. Nintendo announced the demo, called “Prototype Mission,” during its Nintendo Direct today…

The demo will include four missions plus a boss battle, where Tsukuda said players will be able to try out the game’s movement and customization options. After the demo, some players will receive a survey to give feedback to the development team. Tsukuda said the game is due out later this summer. "