Nintendo Switch


Gotta unlock her first :confused:


For someone out of such a simple game, she is surprisingly difficult and gimmicky to use. Didn’t get a feel on her in the couple matches I played. But she is cute.


The mechanics of Smash are fun. It is just as fun as literally any other game where you fight AIs using the game’s mechanics. If you play any game against AIs, then playing Smash against AIs is literally exactly the same.

Of course, fighting intelligent humans is more challenging and forces you to be way better at the game, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. The actual mechanics of just playing Smash are fun, so it’s pretty much fun no matter what you’re doing.


The Sakura spirit in WoL with Isabelle is kicking my ass, so your prophecy has been fulfilled. :stuck_out_tongue:


So, has anyone tried the Infinite Assists glitch yet?

Have fun abusing this before Nintendo patches it.


The one game I was looking forward to more than all others.

TL:DW; Seems like Nintendo had too much pride and tried to make the game on their own. The game was turning out below their quality standards, so they decided to start over from scratch. This time they hired Retro Studios, who made the first three Metroid Prime games. Good news is we can trust the game will be good. Bad news is we will have to wait a few years.


Retro also made Metroid Prime 2, which is a bad game, which means their track record isn’t perfect. So ultimately this is still a coin toss if it will be good or not.


It’s Retro, not Rare.

Also, Metroid Prime 2 is great and you are wrong.


Game where you spend half of the time under a time limit of threat of being choked or whatever is not good. It’s like majority of the game is shitty underwater level. Exploration of the alien landscapes is one of Metroid’s strongest points, one of it’s main things, and constant poison is all about “stop smelling the roses and looking around and run to the next save spot.”


While that kind of mechanic is usually annoying and painful, like a bad escort mission, it never frustrated me when I played MP: 2.


When I encountered a boss that was able to go untargetable and thus waste your time indefinitely which was to be done under time limit was when I went “fuck this game.”


How do you even remember that kind of detail from 15 years ago?


Because it’s more like 5 or about there years since I played it. And that kind of annoyances tend to stick.


Well the context of playing it ten years too late might also account for something.


Good games are good no matter when they are played. Games are are meaningful at their time or otherwise “good” in limited way that’s not relevant for playing them today for enjoyment are totally different category. Like I’m not too hot on Metroid Prime 1 ether, but it did put Metroid formula in 3D which I give it credit for. Prime 2 doesn’t have anything like that.


Well, that explains everything. MP1 is all time great.



Are the people who made Metroid Prime 1 and 2 still at Retro Studios? Or is this just a case where Nintendo owns the name but all the talent has left ages ago?


To be fair, big part of my dislike of Prime 1 was the GameCube controller which made targeting enemies pain in the ass and hurt my fingers. But I also remember being annoyed by some bosses and the good stuff is mainly just that it’s solid Metroid.

It’s no Super Metroid.


I have no idea, but they do still have the institutional knowledge from making those games in the first place as well as a bunch of Donkey Kong games since then.

It’s definitely not Super Metroid, but there is no need to target enemies. You just auto-lock on. It’s not a shooter, even though it looks like one.


True, but I’m just worried that people are getting their hopes up ridiculously high. To use another example, Rare made Golden Eye and Perfect Dark and the Microsoft bought them, everyone with talent left, and now Rare hasn’t made a good game in… decades?