Nintendo Switch


My interest in Switch is primarily retrogaming—all the Zeldas and Marios I missed between SNES and Wii.

My first and only 3D Zelda was Twilight Princess, and some of those dungeons are a real slog.


My interest is my daughter starting to be the right age for a console. Though my Retropie platform might be good enough for now. I mean it only has 7k+ games on it :-p


Beyond Link Between Worlds, Wind Waker is the best one to come out in a while. It still remains the only 3D Zelda game I’ve beaten. And I even replayed through it with the rerelease on Wii U


After the Wii (which was a big letdown for me honestly), I told myself that I would take a “wait and see” approach with Nintendo.

I completely missed the Wii U boat, and regret that not one bit.

So I’m gonna wait and see with the Switch.

The only thing that might tempt me over is a rumor about a Monster Hunter Switch. But I don’t even use my current consoles anyhow (that may change once the basement gaming pit is set up), so it’s hard to justify.


I bought a Wii 3 times and sold it. First time was when it first came out and I never played it. Second time was in a house me and some other people rented because I thought we would play it more. Never did. Third was purely to just mod the shit out of it. And even with modding I never really played it. I should have just not played it because beyond Smash Bros (which the worst so far was Wii version) all the meaningful games became available on the Wii U. I should have just not bothered after the first time, or maybe just cut my losses and kept it sold.

I think the Wii U was a much better console, but it still has some holdover problems from the Wii. If they can shed all that shit from the Switch, and again, improve on the aspects of the Wii U that were good I think it’ll be the strongest Nintendo console in a while. Will that actually happen? Not sure. And that’s where I think the wait and see attitude makes sense.


Twilight Princess and Ocarina are the only Zelda games that I like. I’m more interested in legit new Nintendo IP.

If there will ever be such a thing.


Seems interesting. The new Mario looks fucking crazy. Battery life isn’t quite what I was expecting. Reasonably priced. But nothing really comes out until Summer so I’ll check back in then.


Since I have a Wii U I am getting Breath of the Wild on that system.
Will wait for Christmas to get it if there are enough games.
Sorry Nintendo, I just wanted a system that I can take anywhere, that I can connect to the TV, and that is has enough games at launch. Mos of the things that we got were more tech demos than anything else.


Switch looks like something I can consider buying a year from now, once some content comes out. Come on retro games!


As we said post-Wii, there was a fundamental shift in the way people like us interact with Nintendo.

For a long time, Nintendo consoles were auto-buy at launch, as were first party games.

Now, I treat Nintendo like any other provider of games and hardware. I never pre-order. Never buy at launch. Always wait and see.


Don’t worry. I’ll get it so noone else has to.


Here’s a stream of the announce, if you missed it. Skip straight to 34:38 or so, literally everything before that is just pointless pre-show guff.


People who skipped Wii U are gonna have a damn good time with it. Mario Kart 8 was best Mario Kart in a long time. Splatoon was one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had. They’re both essentially getting “1.5 edition” ports. (Splatoon’s is being called a full sequel).

But Nintendo’s first party push into new IP is centered around showing off their new motion controls. Fool me one, Nintendo. Yes, it could work. No, fuck no, I will not preorder. I will try it before I buy it, and then wait even longer to see what comes out for it.

I’m not even ordering these new Zelda Amiibo. I don’t have much geek decoration in my house outside my office, but I do love my little Amiibo shelf. It’s full though and I’m not compelled to expand it.


New Mario looks bizarre, I like that. New Zelda looks good. 1, 2, Switch is probably JS Joust or SportsFriends but it’s impossible to tell what it actually is.


I haven’t played Skyward Sword yet. I’m looking at 60 hour single player games and simply wondering if I’ll ever play one again before I retire.


For some reason, this is how things have gone for me lately with the middling to long single player games.

Buy the game and play a ton of it in one sitting. Don’t finish it, because it’s too long for that.

The next day, I forget to continue playing! How? Maybe that day I watched movie or a hockey game instead. Maybe I didn’t enjoy any media at all that next day, and podcasted, cooked dinner, etc.

The next time I sit down to enjoy media, the game does not come to mind. I forget about it completely.

When I do remember the game and regret buying it, I resolve to finish it to get my money’s worth. Oh no! It’s been to long. I forgot the beginning. I don’t want to replay the beginning. I MUST replay the beginning because I forgot everything. And now I’m not going to play at all.

I have a nice pile of single player games I’ve never finished. This started a long time ago. I think the oldest unfinished game in the queue is Golden Sun 2 for GBA. I beat almost all the GameCube games I had, but not all the Wii/DS/Steam games.

Occasionally a game comes along that is good enough that I beat it. This is how I’ve beaten every Zelda game. It’s too good for me to forget it the next day. Same with DOOM(2016).

This year is going to be the year where:

  1. I finally dispose/sell/give away video games/board games/comics that I don’t need in my apartment.
  2. I already greatly reduced buying in 2016, but I’m going to buy even less in 2017. My monthly comic box only has a handful of comics in it these days. Even if I get a Switch, I’ll get only the games I know for sure that I will play a bunch. For example, I probably won’t Splatoon. Not because it isn’t good, but because I know I won’t play it enough.
  3. Actually go and play/read/finish things in the queue. Use reminders when I leave off so I remember to continue the next day.


THIS IS ME. Though usually I start playing it and maybe play for a week then something distracts and I have trouble getting back to it months later.

(I still have an unopened Skyward Sword on my game rack…


I’m trying not to buy into the hype train, but that reveal does have me kinda hyped for this thing. It’s actually smaller than I thought it’d be - considering I use the 3DS XL, I’m already used to carrying around a largeish console as a portable.


Local 8p Bomberman is a step in the right direction.