Nintendo Switch


I have the same case as Scott. You don’t need a screen protector.


I haven’t gotten a case cos my Switch hasn’t left the dock since I bought it. I really wish they’d made a cheaper version of it that was just a console, I don’t play anything on the go except Tetris on my phone.


I did pick up a 128 GB SD card for the switch on the fall sale, now I got room to work with


Thanks, everyone!

I don’t plan on using the case all that much, but I’m going to want it for travel.

Shark Boyfriend takes up half the storage, but nothing else I plan on getting is going to fill it anytime soon. I’ll get an SD card if I need it.


My recommendation is to start by just getting the biggest MicroSD you can afford up-front. Like, 512 gig big. And then just use the eShop for everything.


Smash is on the way. Sadly I had to get the cartridge instead of the digital edition in order to save $10-$15. Now that the Prime pre-order discounts are gone, this very well could be the last video game I ever purchase on physical media.


I will get digital in all cases regardless of cost difference for purposes of convenience.

I only buy physical games for the Switch if I’m going to sell or give the game away at some point after playing it.


Ok uncle moneybags.


I really prefer to have physical copies. I know you guys rail against collecting but I like to have the box and case and documentation, even if it’s just the paper with the warnings and EULA. Besides that if you have the physical media there is less of a chance that the game will become completely unplayable in the future. Ace Combat 4, 5, and Zero run like shit in an emulator but I can play the no problem on my PS2 because I have the disks.


I literally don’t have room to keep things like that. Even if I did, it would just turn my house into one of those with a nerdwall in the basement filled with boxes games came in.


I have a nerdwall and I love it. My favorite video games, movies, manga, RPG books, card games, figures and toys, all that stuff is there. There is something that fills me with happiness seeing the history of the stuff that I enjoyed and continue to enjoy.


I’ll pay $10 to not have to think about it.


I’ll also enjoy that I spent $10 the first time you lose one of these little carts.


This appears to apply to the digital btw. I read their promotion some more and the $10 back will work for digital they say.

“Sold by amazon digital services”


When I pre-ordered weeks ago, the price indicated in the cart for the digital edition was more for the digital than the physical.


I am to the point where the digital copies should be the right answer but I am thinking since a server would drop service out of nowhere when a newer version comes out I am going all physical.


I don’t pre-order videogames anymore either.

The only exception is kickstarting something that might not actually otherwise come out.


I only pre-order the big time first party Nintendo games so that I get them immediately. Also, the price isn’t going to go down ever.


Smash starts with just 8 characters unlocked. Using a trick you can unlock them all in 4 hours. Playing normally it takes a lot longer. The worst is that everyone has to do this. You can’t just unlock once for all your friends or something. Back in the day we could just carry GameCube memory cards around so only one person had to unlock everything. Also, it didn’t take as long to unlock everyone.

Here’s the trick:


I have the advantage of finals ending today so I’m taking the day off doing things to just play the entire story mode.