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Yea, I have been thinking that “everyone old + new characters” is not a sustainable model for a fighting game franchise for long term.


Not when they don’t own the characters. I suspect they will never drop any 1st party characters again unless they really need to, but the problem is that shelling out for these 3rd parties is probably costing them a fortune.


Rym always complainin’ about nobody to play Smash with, when I’m right here.

He’s just scared.


I’ll smash with you at cons forever :wink: We just have to both bring switches.


It’s fine if they give up on the professional scene and focus on it being fun for casuals.


Historically, the professionals feel that the game alienates them completely, actually. Brawl was slow, punished fast movement and aggressive play, and removed all the options they liked from Melee. Smash 4 was still very campy, “not fast enough,” and it wasn’t Melee so they didn’t like it. Sakurai, the main director, historically doesn’t understand or really like the competitive scene.


I’ll be honest that I don’t particularly like the competitive scene in that game, based almost entirely on my interactions with people playing it seriously at cons.


I dislike competitive Melee, despite the fact that I played that game for hundreds if not thousands of hours. I mostly dislike the other competitive scenes as well. I follow some of the top players who are smart and interesting or funny, but overall? The scene is a mess.

I mean, I don’t like the competitive scene of any game because it is almost all rife with toxic masculinity, bullshit, and really horrible egos and personalities.

But I have always wanted to like the Smash competitive scene, because I think some of the matches are genuinely beautiful to watch. I just wish the players behind it didn’t constantly muck it up.


Melee I think is also ruined by the fact that the professionals put too many limiters on it for people. Only a set amount of characters are used, very limited stages, gotta learn a lot of tricks beyond what the tutorials tell you, it’s messy. And Smash people don’t often overlap with other fighting games because the button layout, tilt-system is very specific to that brawler type of party game that no way connects to the Quarter Circle Forward or Charge style of Street Fighter.

I believe 4 is the best version of Smash, but is also flawed in the same way Brawl is of being too floaty, too slow, and the really good characters are just way too fucking good. Nintendo really doesn’t patch or balance characters in the way other companies do.


Smash 4 also has the limited issue. There are 5 legal stages in a game with more than 50. 1 of them is only as a counterpick.

When it was shown that Smash Ultimate will have the ability to disable stage hazards, I was so excited that lots more stages could be neutral stages with cool layouts. In this game with over 100 stages, I thought we could see some real stage diversity.

Immediately, the competitive community is doing polls on how many legal stages they will want for tourneys, and the winning choices are like, 10-15.

The community just seems to want to see the same stuff over and over again, to let the professional players not need to memorize too many matchups for different characters and stages. Their mentality is entirely self-defeating.



The first good news about the Nintendo online service. You can pay for it entirely using My Nintendo coins. That means if you buy enough Nintendo games, the online service is free. That’s great!

The bad news. You have to spend about $400 per year on eShop games tot get enough coins to get enough to cover the cost of the service.

More bad news; If you spend all your coins on that, you aren’t going to have any to spend on any other rewards you might want.

For reference, I just checked my account and I have 121 gold coins. You would need 2000 to cover the cost completely.


My gold coins wind up disappearing every time I buy something from the eShop, to save me like 90 cents on the game or some shit. I’d look into it except I actually don’t care. They’re doing something for me and one less thing to think about.


So which is the case to get for the Switch? Do I need a screen protector?


Get a firmshell or hardshell one. it’s sturdier than it looks.

And I’ve never used a screen protector on any device ever, and never had an issue.


Links if you got 'em.


I got this one:

it’s not great, but its only purpose is to protect my switch when I put it in my luggage. Otherwise no form of protection is needed. Also, it has two little plastic containers to hold switch cartridges. I never plan to own that many Switch cartridges because of eShop. It allows me to save a lot of space by throwing out switch game cases.

The main negative of this case is that it only accommodates the two joycons that are attached to the switch. I can fit two more in there easily, but they don’t have official spots. I just put them upside down on top of the other joycons.


I got this case:

It is a bit expensive but it’s worth it, it is durable and keeps my Switch well protected.


I use a minimal case that just holds the switch with two controllers attached. I don’t really bring any more controllers or anything with me anywhere.


I got this screen protector because I’m paranoid

Nintendo Switch Screen Protector…

I got some hard shell cases you can get them for less than $20. I got my first one on eBay that doesn’t appear to be available anymore, but got this Zelda/Link BotW case for like $15 Deluxe Zelda Link Travel Case, Premium Hard Case Made With Koskin Saddle Leather Embossed With Zelda Breath Of The Wild Art, 2 Game Cases, Brown - Nintendo Switch