Nintendo Switch


I’m just lucky my intended main is Mario, so unlocking shouldn’t be too onerous.

(Unlocking is still horseshit though.)


Samus is my main, so I’m ok to start also. Thing is, I really want to roll with Game & Watch, Mega Man, Ridley and the Belmont bois.


That idly reminds me: I wonder if ZSS will have to get banned from tournaments again.


Still like getting a physical copy of games, since my nephew has a switch and I can trade with him for games.


First I had to Google to find that ZSS was Zero Suit Samus. Then I tried to find out why she was banned. First three results didn’t explain it.


I also had to google to see what ZSS was, and also have never heard of a ban.


Went merely 256GB big, which should honestly be fine! Doom’s on sale.


All I can find is she was consequently banned because in Brawl you can only get that form through a smashball.


That’s not correct. Holding down R while selecting samus on the character select screen also gives you ZSS.


Ah, yeah this forum thread I think dates before the game even came out so it was just speculation.


I’m totally fine with having to unlock characters. In some other games it could annoy me, but Smash I’m playing just casually. And the unlocks can be got by just playing normally with friends and I’m looking forward to playing with a buddy of mine and getting the excitement of new character mixed in on occasion.


Me: I should get some food or something
Also me: sync the GameChops Ben Briggs remix of the tem shop song to the #smashultimate trailer you fool


I hate having to unlock anything in any game.

What ends up happening is I play casually on someone else’s console, but then when I use my own console I’m missing things. There’s a reason RIT had such a healthy trade in fully unlocked memory cards for PS and GC games.


Exactly. If I buy the game, I want to be able to have access to every part of it: every character, every level, every mode, whatever.

Make me play in “easy” mode where I don’t get access to achievements or trophies or whatever meaningless digital “award” the console or platform gives out, I don’t care. But if I buy a game, don’t wall content behind timed unlocks, or skill unlocks or whatever.


Welcome to the delicious deli. Let me sell you this delicious sandwich. Here you go!

Yeah, this is just a loaf of bread.

Of course. This is your first time here. Eat the bread and you will unlock lettuce on the next sandwich you eat. If you keep coming back and eat the 50th sandwich you can unlock meat!


Ok so since everyone here obviously agrees everything should be unlocked from day 1. Let’s move on to something actually more productive than a group circle jerk.

WHY are unlocks a thing? I often hear the (often valid) excuse that stupid things in games (such as lives and game overs) are a holdover from the days of coin operated arcade cabinets and were designed to make money.

I don’t imagine this can be the case for unlocks. No game that I know of, had an account on an arcade cabinet with their own unlocked characters and such so I don’t think they can fall back on the idea that this comes from arcades.

Is it just developers looking to artificially extend play times so fans can’t complain the beat the whole game in two hours?


Stupid old arguments about valuing a game based on how many hours it took you to beat.

You could maybe make an argument for the new player hand-hold experience, but if that was the case, there should be ability to opt out and dive in


I honestly don’t care if a game has unlocks or NG+ content or whatever. I get why many don’t like it but it just doesn’t bother me.


Skinner box + marketing (lets them fib about how much content the game actually has)


Literally yes. It caters to the obsessive and addictive nature of a segment of gamers.